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LOGOS and ParishSOFT launch the first fully browser-based ConnectNow Family Suite of church management applications, designed to give Catholic churches a powerful Web platform to support ministry. 
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The ConnectNow Family Suite!  Browser-based church management applications, designed especially for Catholic parishes.




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ConnectNow Family Suite for Browser-Based Catholic-Parish Management Released

Ann Arbor, Mich. - November 4, 2013 - ParishSOFT and LOGOS have launched the first fully browser-based ConnectNow Family Suite of church management applications, designed to give Catholic churches a powerful web platform to support ministry.    


The Suite answers the call of staff, priests, and volunteers in thousands of Catholic parishes, who have been anticipating browser-based church management technology as a welcome alternative to desktop-installed or hosted software. From an Internet browser, they can now access their tools and records securely, using any PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone -- in all the places where ministry work happens.


According to president and CEO William Pressprich, the ConnectNow Family Suite was re-engineered from the ground-up by a team comprising ParishSOFT and LOGOS staff to deliver the best functionality, as well as the full power of ParishSOFT's time-tested desktop parish software. And user focus groups, representing a cross-section of the 8,500 Catholic parishes who use that desktop suite, were instrumental in helping to shape many of the new tools and the app-like ease of the browser-based ConnectNow product.  


"Today's apps are so easy for users to navigate and maintain," said Pressprich. "ConnectNow delivers a church management solution with that same level of simplicity and accessibility, with infinite benefits. Catechists can record attendance from their religious education classrooms. Parishioners can volunteer and give online. When the pastor gets an emergency call in the middle of the night, his parish records are right there on his phone. ConnectNow on the web supports ministry in ways that simply are not possible in a desktop software architecture."


Designed to be a complete, integrated solution for Catholic church management, the ConnectNow Family Suite gives all staff members the robust, efficient tools they need to know their parishioners, engage them in faith formation and ministries, safeguard and track funds, understand demographics, and reach out to the faithful through the sacraments and ongoing invitations to participate in parish life. 


The ConnectNow Family Suite includes four primary modules that share a single, common database: 

  • Family Directory (includes My Own Church parishioner portal)
  • Offering & Pledges (includes Online Giving)
  • Ministry Scheduler
  • Religious Education 

Read the full press release, issued from the ParishSOFT Users' Conference.



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