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Volume 8                                                           March   2015

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The Awards Committee is responsible for seven awards:

1) HONOR ET VERITAS: To an outstanding American. Must have achieved national or international prominence in their respective field.
2) CELTIC CROSS: For outstanding achievement in promoting zeal and devotion to God, Country and Home. Again, musthave achieved national or international prominence.
3) FATHER WASHINGTON AWARD: To a Catholic person for the performance of an act of heroism.
4) AMERICANISM NEWS MEDIA AWARD: To a newspaper, radio, tv station or an individual for outstanding promotion of loyalty and patriotism to our nation via the media.
5) OUTSTANDING POST: To the post which has the best overall program participation in all of the programs set forth on the national level.
6) MOST OUTSTANDING CATHOLIC WAR VETERAN: To the individual who, in the opinion of the National Department, has contributed most to the betterment of CWV. Must be a Catholic in good standing. 
7) SANCTITY OF LIFE AWARD: To acknowledge exceptional service on the national or regional level in promoting pro-life activities. 

Nominees may be submitted for one award only, and nominations should be accompanied by a biographical sketch in triplicate, typewritten and double-spaced. Information should include educational, professional, marital, community, civic, patriotic and any other data justifying the submission of nominees. All Posts, Chapters, Departments, and individual members of the National Board of Officers, including Department Commanders, can submit nominations.

Nominations should be sent to:      Russell Bilodeau
21 Quincy Street
Manchester, NH  03102

THE Parade - March 17 - New York City

Thanks to the persistent work of NY Department Commander Jim Mullarkey, the Catholic War Veterans, after many years of NOT being in the St. Patrick's Day Parade, were re-admitted, and have consistently had a good position in the line of march. This year we step off at 12:30, which means being in place at least 45 minutes earlier, from 45th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. We are in between the Navy Band and the Knights of Columbus. 

If you're in the area, please come. We would like a strong presence, especially this year. CWV and Auxiliary members should wear uniform dress, adapted to the weather as necessary. Family members are invited to march with us, but the parade committee has issued a strict dress code, no "odd ball" dress, green hats, sneakers, shirts or jackets with advertising. Just wear the uniform or similar dress. Contact Jim Mullarkey to indicate that you will march with us in the parade. Call Jim at 718 885-2335, cell  917 940 1877, or email the NY office, NYSCWV@aol.com. 

MEMBERSHIP - Adding to our membership is the responsibility of each member. If each member brought in one new member every year, we would be a potent national force in a very short time. Don't feel alone - there is help available for your efforts:
There is a video - here is a link - 

And there is LOTS of information and help on the website to aid in your recruiting efforts.

If you have a question you can't answer, if you need help or brochures, call the national office and Karen or Dave will help you. 

MEMORIAL OPPORTUNITIES - Items that have been donated as memorials to loved ones, like our chalices, vestments, candles, etc, are shortly going to be engraved and labeled. There are still some available, so if you are interested, please contact the office. It will be at least a year before we do another engraving or memorializing, so please don't wait. Items may be donated by an individual, a Post, a District or a Department. 

CATHOLIC VETERANS SERVICE FOUNDATION - Donations made through the Foundation are tax-deductible. For additional information, contact the National Office. 

If you have not visited our page, please do. You do NOT have to join Facebook in order to visit our page. 

MASS CARDS - Are an excellent way to show sympathy or celebrate a special event, as well as support the CWV. You may order them as needed, or purchase several in advance to have easily available. 

Start Planning NOW!!

Why not? What are you waiting for?

You know the details but they are listed here again. The farther ahead you commit, the more activities the committee can put in place. As they know who is coming, as the number of reservations swells, they have more influence with the hotel, with the local travel people, with events and other organizations and the better they can make our time in Las Vegas. 


Rooms other than Friday and Saturday will be $45, and $79 for Friday and Saturday. The CWV rate will also be valid for three days before and three days after the convention dates. Where can you find a rate like that? 

Airport transportation is available by public transit - $2 one way - and they require exact change. The hotel also has a shuttle that runs on every odd hour, and the local Post has two mini vans that will also be available. 

There will be  winery tour on Monday as well as a bowling tournament. There will also be workshops in basic computer skills and about Service Officers, for both candidates and those interested in receiving benefits. The Hospitality Room will open each night at 7:30 PM, parking at the hotel is free, the public transport bus runs into the Strip and the possibilities of having a Mass at a local Church and having individuals take part in a service project are being investigated. Two large Malls are nearby, and the hotel v/ans will take you to the malls. 

As additional details become available they will be posted on the CWV web site. Reservations can be made at 866 636-7111 or online at the link below. Use the code A5CWC08. 


The St. Patrick's Day Parade has suddenly become a hot topic, as groups with no Irish connection and no religious connection feel they should be entitled to march in this parade. The Catholic War Veterans has a special relationship with the parade, and this year our presence, hopefully a strong presence, is an important statement about being prominently Catholic. The head of the Parade Committee has a special feeling for the CWV, and our strong presence this year will be more important than perhaps it has ever been. 

But that is true not just for this parade, and not just for this year. The first step toward winning the fight - whatever the fight is - is simply showing up. It's true when the topic is sanctity of life, and it's true when veterans need medical care. It's true when we have elections, and it is true when a parish or a school needs help. It is certainly true when a Post has a meeting, or a Department and it is especially true when we have a national convention. If you are not present, you have voted with your feet. You have voted that you don't care.

Today, at Cardinal Egan's funeral at St. Patrick's Cathedral, Jim Mullarkey showed up - and was seated on the aisle, 4 rows back, just behind the casket. Every time the camera had a shot of the casket from the throne side of the altar, there was the uniform blue blazer of the Catholic War Veterans. Making an impression by just showing up. 

Now not everyone can make every meeting. We all have obligations, conflicts and sometimes medical reasons why we can't always show up. But the truth is that many of us could show up more than we do, and if we were honest with ourselves, we would admit that. Between now and Las Vegas there is a lot that each one of us can do, a lot that each Post and Department can do - because there is a lot that needs to be done. As much as you can - show up. Listen to what is going on. Form a plan of action, and then do it. 

And perhaps you can start by doing something good for yourself today. Or for someone else. 

Fr. John R. Sheehan, SJ
National Chaplain

(Please feel free to share events in your area)


March 17

St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York City. All CWV and Auxiliary are welcome to march under the CWV banner. This is an important year to show a Catholic presence. 
Form up on at 45th Street Between 5th & 6th Avenues at 12:30 PM. There is a Dress Code, please check to be sure you and those marching with you are in conformance. 

March 21/22
Queens Chapter Convention & Banquet

March 28/29
Hicksville Convention & Banquet

April 5

April 10-12
Dept. of Ohio Convention

April 24-26
Dept. of New Hampshire Convention

April 30 - May 2
National Board Meeting

May 16/17
Dept. of NY Convention & Banquet

August 9 - 16
National Convention - Las Vegas 


If you've already given a gift earlier this year, thank you. Can you do it again? If you make the check or credit card slip out to the foundation, your gift is now tax deductible. If you want to designate your gift for the Auxiliary or to support a special project, you can certainly do that and we will honor your request. 

Thank you for all you've done in the past - and if you get a little extra back from the government, think about sharing that.