from the Reverend Redactor

Volume 5                                                           December   2014

While we had an "official" membership drive in November, bringing in new members, whether for the CWV or the Auxiliary, is something every member should work at every day. 

One on one recruiting is often the best. Carry a couple of brochures with you whenever you go out. Ask people. Often all it takes is for someone to be asked. Wear a CWV cap or windbreaker, and when people ask what that's about, be prepared to tell them. If everyone in the CWV brought in one new member - instead of complaining about the people who don't do anything - we'd be in great shape!  

There is a video - here is a link - 

And here is a link to a flyer - there is LOTS of information and help on the website to aid in your recruiting efforts.

If you have a question you can't answer, if you need help or brochures, call the national office and Karen or Dave will help you. 


In the last issue we announced that the foundation had been formally approved by the State of New York. We are pleased to report that the IRS has granted the foundation tax exempt status, which means that an individual or company that makes a donation can take that as a tax deduction. There is still time to make a tax deductible gift in 2014. 

Expect more news about the foundation shortly. Donations to the foundation may be designated for specific use by the CWV or the Auxiliary, but checks or payment designations must be to the foundation to qualify  

The Auxiliary officers and members joined the CWV members for the presentation.
For many families, looking through the family photo album is one of the joys of being together at Christmas, or a way to spur memories if loved ones are absent. At random, we pulled some pictures from the past year of CWV and Auxiliary members.


Buying a CWV calendar for yourself is good. It shows that you are supporting the organization. We printed 3,000 calendars, and we have over 8,000 members. Yet we struggle to sell all we have printed. 

Selling calendars to your friends is good. It gives them a way to help support veterans, it put in their hands a useful tool that will also remind them of the CWV every day, and it could possibly give them a nice cash reward.

Finally, the CWV calendar makes a GREAT present! If you have people on your shopping list in the $20 price range, think about buying them a calendar. It's a nice present. And if they win one of the large prizes, you have just become a hero!

(Of course, having a Mass said for them by one of the CWV Chaplains is also a great present at Christmas. Or having a liturgical item or vestment memorialized is another great and very special gift.)

If you have not visited our Facebook page, you should. And when you do, "Like" our page, leave a comment, increase our visibility on Facebook.

We will shortly be inscribing the names on the scared vessels and vestments that have been donated through the generosity of individuals and CWV and Auxiliary units. Some items are still available, including several of the new chasubles used in the celebration of Mass, one ciborium, and a number of concelebration stoles. "Flowers wither on the grave," but each time a vestment or a liturgical vessel is used at Mass, your loved one will be remembered. 

Contact the National Office for more information about remaining items and what the donation is for each one. Several people may come together to memorialize an item, as well as any of our units. Give glory to God when we worship! 

The vestments are hand-made from Italy and are both light and very beautiful. 

Mass cards are available all year long through the CWV. Instead of having Masses said by another group when a loved one dies, or to celebrate a special occasion, chaplains in the Catholic War Veterans have volunteered to say those Masses for your intentions. You may also buy the cards in advance, so you have them when you need them. Just alert the office that you are using the card, and what the intention is. 

Thank you for your support of this important work, and a special thanks to our Chaplains, who are volunteering to help support this special project. 

Start Planning NOW!!

The Sun Coast is the hotel where we will be having our 2015 National Convention. It is a large facility with many options for family fun, including bowling alleys, golf courses (yes, plural!), and many restaurants. Click on the link below for more information and a video.

 Rooms other than Friday and Saturday will be $45, and $79 for Friday and Saturday. The CWV rate will also be valid for three days before and three days after the convention dates. 

Airport transportation is available by public transit - $2 one way - and they require exact change. The hotel also has a shuttle that runs on every odd hour, and the local Post has two mini vans that will also be available. 

There will be  winery tour on Monday as well as a bowling tournament. There will also be workshops in basic computer skills and about Service Officers, for both candidates and those interested in receiving benefits. The Hospitality Room will open each night at 7:30 PM, parking at the hotel is free, the public transport bus runs into the Strip and the possibilities of having a Mass at a local Church and having individuals take part in a service project are being investigated. Two large Malls are nearby, and the hotel v/ans will take you to the malls. 

As additional details become available they will be posted on the CWV web site. Reservations can be made at 866 636-7111 or online at the link below. Use the code A5CWC08. 


It's the time of the year when there are a lot of voices raised. Merchants ramp up their advertising. Charities flood our mailboxes with end of year pleas for money. Everyone with a cause finds time and money to spread their slogans, good and bad. We are exhorted to "Keep Christ in Christmas," "Come home at Christmas," and a host of others. 

I know it's hard, but perhaps more than any other time of the year, we could use a little silence. As you contemplate the presents you are buying for others, give yourself a gift as well - some quiet time for you to spend with God. It could be as simple as scheduling some quiet time when you don't answer the phone, turn on a tv or music, even in "the background." You can read, but I'd suggest just sitting quietly and reflecting on the good things that God has given you. Plan what you might do for God in the future. Think of friends who might need or want a helping hand, even if it's just a phone call or an unexpected visit. 

If you want to be extravagant, plan on going on a retreat during the coming year. Retreats can be as short as a weekend, or up to 8-days away at a retreat house, where you pray and relax and get back in touch with God and with what He has planned for your life.

As you reflect, you might think about what makes the Catholic War Veterans special? There are over 4,000 groups designed to help veterans; what makes us important or different? What do we offer that no one else does - and is that reflected in what we do, and what we say about ourselves? What can YOU specifically do to help the CWV, what can you contribute? 

Know that I pray for all our members each day and remember you regularly at Mass. I will remember all our members in my Christmas novena of Masses, and I encourage us to keep on praying for one another. 

Do something good for yourself today.

Fr. John R. Sheehan, SJ
National Chaplain

(Please feel free to share events in your area)

December 25


January 18
Immaculate Conception Church 
90th Anniversary Banquet 
Russo's on the Bay, Howard Beach, NY

February 13
Birthday of National Commander Finkel

February 22
Birthday of Bishop Protector Higgins

March 17
St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York City. All CWV and Auxiliary are welcome to march under the CWV banner. This is an important year to show a Catholic presence. 

March 21/22
Queens Chapter Convention & Banquet

April 9-12
Dept. of Ohio convention

April 24-26
Dept. of New Hampshire convention

April 30 - May 2
National Board Meeting

May 16/17
Dept. of NY Convention & Banquet

August 9 - 16
National Convention - Las Vegas 

This is the time of year when everyone has a list. Cards for these people, presents for these, a check for this charity. Bravo. Well done.

Did you remember the Catholic War Veterans and the Auxiliary?

If you've already given a gift earlier this year, thank you. Can you do it again? If you make the check or credit card slip out to the foundation, your gift is now tax deductible. If you want to designate your gift for the Auxiliary or to support a special project, you can certainly do that and we will honor your request. 

Thank you for all you've done in the past - and if you've been meaning to sit down and write a check, NOW is the time! 

441 North Lee Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Voice: (703) 549-3622
Fax: (703) 684-5196
Website: www.cwv.org