from the Reverend Redactor

Volume 3                                                               October   2014


As of October 2, the Catholic Veterans Service Foundation, Inc. has been formally approved and chartered by the State of New York. Now we are applying for non-profit status, but as of October 2, contributions made to the Foundation are tax deductible. Even if our application should be turned down, which we do not expect, any money contributed up to that point remains tax deductible.

Many veterans organizations have the reputation of being a group where old folks sit around and talk about the past. That can be true. But the Catholic War Veterans is also spending a lot of time and energy looking at the future, and i this issue of Ramblings we take a look at some of what is being done. 

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In this edition, here are the items I will be talking about:
Non-profit Foundation Creation 
Sanctity of Life Award - Nomination deadline
Fr. Capadanno Mass Report
Upcoming Membership Drive
Appeal Letter Premiums
And from last issue
New Vestments/Memorial Opportunities    
Mass Cards available
Reflections of the Reverend Redactor
Calendar of Upcoming Events

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As always, if there is anything you'd like to share with others, please feel free to send it to me. The more we know about one another and what we are doing around the country, the stronger we will become. The link to this E-Newsletter appears on our Facebook page (Have YOU visited our Facebook page, and "Liked" it?)  and on the Linked-In section, and also on the CWV web page. Please feel free to share it with others who are not members; it might interest them in joining us. 

Fr. John R. Sheehan, SJ
National Chaplain

At the 2104, with the blessing of Bishop Higgins and the approval of the membership assembled, a new award was created to honor exceptional service and/or commitment on the part of an individual and/or organization in promoting sanctity of life activities. 

The deadline for submitting nominations for this award is November 1. Any individual or Post or District or Department may make a nomination. For convenience, send your nomination to the national office, and it will be forward to the Awards Committee. 

 Nominations should include a detailed resume or biography of the individual or organization, with as much supporting evidence (newspaper articles, testimonial letters, etc) as possible. The name and contact information of the one submitting the information should also be included. 


National Officers can find a copy of our National Officers Travel Voucher on line. You can fill in on line, then print it and send it in with your receipts attached.

It can be found at http://admin.cwv.org/  and then go to DOWNLOADS, six lines from bottom. Click on the National Officer Travel Voucher at the bottom of page and go to work. 
National Commander Finkel, Archbishop Broglio and Bishop Higgins at the Mass at the National Shrine
In the last several weeks, there have been several events focusing on Fr. Vincent Capodanno. On September 4th, the annual Mass was celebrated at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and Broadcast on EWTN. The principal celebrant was Archbishop Broglio, Bishop Higgins was a concelebrant, and among the many priest concelebrants was National Chaplain Fr. John Sheehan, SJ. 

Archbishop Broglio, Bishop Higgins and National Chaplain Fr. Sheehan pose with members of the CWV and Auxiliary at the National Shrine. 

 Link to homily - Here is the line to the homily Archbishop Broglio preached at the Mass. 

The Father Capodanno Guild has launched a new website with information about this holy chaplain and the promotion of his cause. Please visit it and share with others. 

First Annual Father Capodanno Award presented to Fr. DellAnno. 

On October 2nd, the Kings County District presented the first annual Father Capodanno Award to Fr. Anthony Vincent Dell'Anno at a dinner dance held in Brooklyn. Several members of Fr, Capodanno's family were present, and the family presented a lithograph of Fr. Capodanno in battle to the District. 

The lithograph being
presented to District Commander Joseph Tiralongo



It is one of the obvious facts of life for any organization - membership is important. New members are the life blood for present activities and they are most definitely the future. If this organization is to survive beyond us, we have to constantly bring in new members. 

November 8 to 16 is the period of our upcoming new members drive, and if you are not involved, you should be. Materials are available through the national office. Your department, your district, your post should be planning some activity. It could be having a table at Sunday Mass, with an article in the Church bulletin. It could be a radio interview on a local station, a visit to an American Legion or a Knights of Columbus meeting, it could be simply calling someone that you know is a veteran and asking him or her to join.

If your local post isn't doing anything, that doesn't mean YOU can't do something. One on one recruiting is often the best. Get some brochures and application forms, and start asking people. Wear your cap or CWV jacket, and when people ask what that's about, be prepared to tell them. If everyone in the CWV brought in one new member - instead of complaining about the people who don't do anything - we'd be in great shape!  

Here is a link to a flyer - there is LOTS of information and help on the website to aid in your recruiting efforts.


There are still some items available as commemorative opportunities including several of the new chasubles used in the celebration of Mass, one ciborium, and a number of concelebration stoles. 

Contact the National Office for more information about remaining items and what the donation is for each one. Several people may come together to memorialize an item, as well as any of our units. Give glory to God when we worship! 

The vestments are hand-made from Italy and are both light and very beautiful. 

At the November Board meeting we will be collecting signed Christmas Cards to send with Military Mail Call. If you have a few minutes to fill out a card or two or a few, leave the envelope unsealed, please get them to a Board member to bring to the Board meeting in Alexandria VA. Second Vice President Elizabeth Kruger will be collecting them. Also at that time we will take up a voluntary money collection to offset the cost of mailing them. Thank you in advance for your help on this project.

Susan Ranno
CWVA National President

A reminder that Mass cards are available through the CWV. Instead of having Masses said by another group when a loved one dies, or to celebrate a special occasion, chaplains in the Catholic War Veterans have volunteered to say those Masses for your intentions.

Thank you for your support of this important work, and a special thanks to our Chaplains, who are volunteering to help support this special project. 


The Sun Coast is the hotel where we will be having our 2015 National Convention. It is a large facility with many options for family fun, including bowling alleys, golf courses (yes, plural!), and many restaurants. Click on the link below for more information and a video.

Our convention rates will be available shortly but it's never too soon to start planning, especially to encourage younger members of your Post or Department to attend, or to include your family and friends in the invitation. The more people who come, the better treatment we receive and the better the event we will have. 


This is the spot where I get to talk about whatever I want. In the past weeks we have sent out a letter to all our members, asking that everybody consider contributing $5 a month to the CWV. That would pay you dues, but the additional money would help pay the expenses of the Catholic War Veterans. It's a way that is so small you won't notice - you can't get in and out of Starbucks for $5 these days - and the $60 you will have paid by the end of the year is the equivalent of four movie tickets, not counting the popcorn.

If you decide to give $10 a month, you get a CWV baseball cap, and if you haven't seen on, they are REALLY nice caps. For larger amounts, we'll come up with a fun bonus. (Maybe one of the CD's of me singing?) But the point is not what the "gift" will be you receive, but rather what you are able to give to help the organization.

And at the end of the day, that is what it should always be about. What can you give to help our national and our local work. We're not members for glory or honors or being important - at least, we shouldn't be. It SHOULD be about service - service to God, to our fellow veterans, to our country and to our Church. Service - finding ways we can donate our time, our experience, our talents, and yes, our money, to help make the lives of others better. If you have not responded to our letter, be do that now. If you have already paid your dues, thank you; now consider adding $5 a month so that we may grow and continue to serve. 

Know that I pray for all our members each day and remember you regularly at Mass. I will be making my retreat in October and I will keep you and all the organization in my prayers. Please remember me in your prayers, as well as all our officers and our whole organization.

Do something good for yourself today.

Fr. John R. Sheehan, SJ
National Chaplain

(Please feel free to share events in your area)

November 1
Deadline for Submitting Nominations 
for Sanctity of Life Award

November 6-8
National Board Meeting, Alexandria

November 8-16
National Recruitment Week - Bring In A New Member!

December 8
Feast of the Immaculate Conception
National Catholic War Veterans Day


January 18
Immaculate Conception Church 
90th Anniversary Banquet 
Russo's on the Bay, Howard Beach, NY

February 13
Birthday of National Commander Finkel

February 22
Birthday of Bishop Protector Higgins

March 17
St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York City. All CWV and Auxiliary are welcome to march under the CWV banner. 

March 21/22
Queen Chapter Convention & Banquet

April 9-12
Dept. of Ohio convention

April 24-26
Dept. of New Hampshire convention

April 30 - May 2
National Board Meeting

May 16/17
Dept. of NY Convention & Banquet

August 9 - 16
National Convention - Las Vegas 


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