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McGaw YMCA Camp Echo Alumni News: February, 2015
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Greetings from the Log Cabin!


In December's newsletter, I shared the wonderful news that Summer 2015 registrations were off to a record start. I am ecstatic to report that the registrations have not slowed and Camp Echo is literally bursting at the seams!

The following numbers help paint the picture of how remarkably Summer 2015 is progressing:


-      1600 total campers, 85 more than our previous high of 1515 in 2014

-      148 adventure trip participants, 23 more than previous high of 125 in 2004

-      303 campers on wait-lists as of February 17 and growing every day

-      261 staff applicants


What do these numbers mean?


At worst, these numbers represent transactions: campers signing up for an experience, campers waiting to be a part of camp, staff looking for a job. At best, these numbers represent transformational experiences: campers building character and confidence, campers feeling like they are a part of Camp Echo even if they don't make it there this year, staff appreciating that what they are doing is so much more than a job.


Camp Echo's challenge for Summer 2015 is to move beyond transactions and towards being intentionally transformative in everything we do. We are well on our way with every mission-driven decision that we make. However, we are challenged to think well beyond Summer 2015. I am now tasked with leading the effort to revitalize and re-imagine Camp Echo's facility master plan for the next generation of campers.


Camp Echo's current Master Plan was developed in 2007 and is a testament to the input and deliberate thought of many great minds. I encourage you to view it online: Camp Echo Master Plan. Since 2007, Camp Echo has continued to grow and it is time to put our long-term facility needs at the forefront of our work. This process will again require the help of many in our community, from providing input and expertise, to volunteer support, and fundraising. Do not hesitate to let me know if you would like to be a part of this effort.


What makes me most confident about the work ahead, is our growing foundation of inspiring and impassioned year-round staff leaders. In the last three months, we have added Operations Intern Gavin Watson, Administrative Assistant, Henry Johnson, Outreach Specialist, Jesse Chatz, and Summer Camps Director, Sarah Cort. Camp is in great hands.


Ignite the Spirit!



With more

Spirit - Mind - Body,


Bernard Rocca

Camp Echo Branch Executive Director




Meet and Greet the Echo Staff on Sunday, March 22, 2015 at the McGaw YMCA, 3pm -5pm
Camp Echo's Year Round Staff would love to meet you. 

Come and see the new MetaMedia space at the Y where Echo departures will be held this summer.

All are Welcome:
Sunday, March 22, 2015
3:00 - 5:00 pm
1000 Grove, Evanston
Short Presentation and Refreshments  
2015 Camp Echo Annual Fund Goal: $236,500 for 269 camper scholarships

Did you receive our most recent Camp Echo Annual Fund appeal? 

This month we begin our annual support drive to raise charitable funds needed to fund scholarships and keep the cost of camp affordable for all.


Send us $100 or more and you will receive a letter from a 2014 camper thanking you for your support of the Finest Place We Know...Without a Doubt.


Mail your check to: Camp Echo, 1000 Grove St, Evanston, IL 60201 or Make a donation online


Contact: Katie Trippi, 847-475-7400 x226 for more information.


What is happening at Camp this winter? 

Brian McGinn and Scott Tyink, our Property Managers, have been busy updating many features of our camper cabins. Plans are to complete Fremont, Dugdale, and Featherstone Lodges before Memorial Day 2015.

Improvements include replacement of metal bunks with custom wood bunks, cubbies replaced with shelving, window and door replacement, cement floors coated in epoxy flooring, improved lighting and a bookshelf for cabin libraries. 


Alumni Updates
Camp Echo Alumni News 
This month we have news from

Amy Brown-
Camper,Staff 1999-2012
Louise Behrends-
Family Camper 1960s & 1980s
Kyle DeLapp-
Family Camper 1980s
Amy Fischl Christian-
Staff 2003
Naomi Goldberg-
Camper, Staff 1985-2004
Jordan and Lindsay Shea-
Camper, Staff 1990-2014
Meredith Stevens-
Camper, Staff 1991-2013

We'd love to hear from you! 
Send us your Camp Echo Stories, Memories, and News
May the Echo Spirit be with you always,


Katie Tucker Trippi


Alumni and Development Director

1000 Grove St 

Evanston, IL 60201 

847-475-7400 X 226