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McGaw YMCA Camp Echo Alumni News: December, 2014
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Tis The Season of Thanks and Celebration


Greetings from the Log Cabin!

The holidays have come early to the Camp Echo office this year, with hundreds upon hundreds of envelopes appearing on our doorstep each day. Within each envelope is a camper, and sometimes more, dreaming of their next summer at camp. The envelopes arrive in all shapes and sizes, with different colors and friendly messages. Each and every camper's registration brings joy to our office. Each registration is another opportunity for life-changing impact!  


The 18th of November marked the start of our registration for returning campers. In the two weeks of returning camper registration, 962 campers and 56 families registered for Summer 2015. Within the 962 campers are 117 adventure trip participants, 18 more than participated in the entirety of Summer 2014 and approaching an all-time record. We are thrilled by this unprecedented level of support for our programs, representing 65% of our capacity and a 44% increase in registrations over the same period in 2014 (which was also a record year).


To what do we owe this success? Exceptional programming over the last five years has led to a continued increase in registrations. The 2014 staff delivered impactful experiences for every camper, ensuring a rate of camper retention and great word of mouth marketing. Every camper, parent, and alum can ensure the long-term success of Camp Echo by continuing the spread awareness of Camp Echo. Thank you to each and every person who has sent a camper or recommended Echo to other campers.


We hope to see you all at the alumni reunion on December 27 to reminisce about past success, celebrate current success, and dream of future success.


Ignite the Spirit!



With more

Spirit - Mind - Body,


Bernard Rocca

Camp Echo Branch Executive Director  



Our trip to Denver was a great success
All these folks and more turned out for our events in Denver over the weekend of October 10, 11 and 12. 
Multiple generations of Camp Echo Alums met each other and shared their memories of camp.

Pictured: L-R Front row: Stan (Chummy)Gosh, Karin Ahern, Hannah Crowe, Kira Novak, Christie Lombardi Powell, Erica Joos, Sarah Pfander, Middle Row: Anne Coats Amati, Ali Schmidt Siegert, Marci Potter Jasek, Joe Hermann, Rachel Jaffe, JJ Powell, Vivian Bianchi Sherman, Katie Tucker Trippi, Elena Yablong, Back Row: Justin Bresler, Bernard Rocca, Al Head, Wes Meyers, Laura Jaffe, Lesley Hindes, Van Hindes, Rob Johnston   
Join us for a Camp Echo Reunion in Evanston

Camp Echo All-Time Camper and Staff Reunion

Saturday, December 27, 2014 at 7:00 pm

Prairie Moon Restaurant and Bar

1502 Sherman Ave

Evanston, IL.



Heavy appetizers and non-alcholic drinks are included.  


Other food and drinks may be purchased. 


All are welcome, we suggest a $20 donation at the door to our Send-a-Kid-to-Camp fund. 


You can pick up your 5 year Tee shirt, and 10 year tote at this event in recognition of your years attending Camp Echo.

Contact: Katie Trippi, 847-475-7400 x226 for more information.


Consider a gift to Camp Echo before the end of the year.

Help us fill the raft with kids who otherwise could not afford to attend Camp Echo. Your donation can be designated toward scholarships or toward any number of specific projects. Make your check payable to McGaw YMCA Camp Echo and send to: McGaw YMCA Camp Echo, 1000 Grove St. Evanston, IL 60201  Attn: Katie Trippi or Click Here to make your donation via Credit Card


Camp Echo Alumni News 
This month we have news from

Gabriel Bass: Family Camper, Camper and Staff 80's,90's,00's
Margaret Bernstein: Camper and Staff 80's, 90's, 00's
Amy Brown: Camper and Staff 90's, 00's
Rachel D. Goldberg: Camper and Staff 90's, 00's, 10's
Shanna Gordon: Family Camper, Camper and Staff
80's,90's, 00's, 10's

We'd love to hear from you! 
Send us your Camp Echo Stories, Memories, and News
May the Echo Spirit be with you always,


Katie Tucker Trippi


Alumni and Development Director

1000 Grove St 

Evanston, IL 60201 

847-475-7400 X 226