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McGaw YMCA Camp Echo Alumni News - June 2014
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News From Our Camp Director, Bernard Rocca


Back to Basics

The first summer staff training began three weeks prior to the first summer campers arrival, before even the Memorial Day Family Camp participants arrived. Our summer program leaders gathered to begin preparing for a summer unlike any other, yet inspired by the first summers of camping on Ryerson Long Lake. The goal of our training was to get back to the basics of summer camping. Along the way, we hoped to answer the following question: What made camping great in 1924 that still makes camping great and will continue to make camping great for the next 90 years?


There are many answers to the question, but our focus was three-fold: create a sense of belonging, create a sense of achievement, and build strong relationships. Staff were challenged to innovate new and exciting ways to weave these pillars of youth development into the everyday fabric and excitement of camp. The belonging began as soon as the campers arrived, with staff greeting each camper as they stepped off the bus. On the achievement front, Area Heads have taken quickly to weaving intentional goal setting and reflection into the daily routine. :30 seconds of reflection at the end of every activity goes a long way here at camp - and away from camp too!


Camp Echo has been fortunate this year to make a few additions and changes to our programs to further create a sense of belonging and achievement at Echo. This spring, Camp Echo purchased 15 new bikes to ensure that all cabins could enjoy the biking area as a group. We have also been able to remove the fee attached to horseback trail rides! This is an incredibly exciting development and is part of an effort to remove added fees from any and all group activities at Camp Echo, ensuring that campers do not have to make decisions about their activities at camp based on how much money they have in their trading post accounts. This exciting development would not have been possible without the support of our generous donors who helped to offset the trail ride revenue for this summer. With the support of our donors, we are committed to keeping trail rides free in future summers.


The lucky few of us who are here all summer feel the spirit of relationships, achievement, and belonging every day. It is our goal to share the spirit with our alumni throughout the summer. We will be sending out monthly newsletters, but you can also follow Camp Echo on Facebook and Twitter to get your daily fix. We also welcome visitors throughout the summer! If you are planning to be in the area, please let us know so that we can show you around the finest place we know.


Camp is for the campers,


Bernard "Nardo" Rocca  


Camp Echo Branch Executive Director  

Y-USA gives Camp Echo $10,000 Matching Grant
Help us fill this raft with kids who otherwise could not go to camp.
The Spirit of Echo: Giving Back, is ingrained in everything that we do.

Your gift will be doubled by the Y-USA and will send another 40 kids to Camp Echo this summer.

Do these summer days bring back your memories of Camp Echo? Would you like more kids to experience the joys of summer camp? You can have twice the impact with a gift which will be matched dollar for dollar by a grant from the Y of the USA. 
  • Click here to make an online donation.
  • Make your check out to: McGaw YMCA Camp Echo and send it to: Katie Trippi, Camp Echo, 3782 S. Triangle Trail, Fremont, MI 49412
  • Call Katie at 231-924-0829 to make a donation by phone.
Echo Corps Volunteers Beautify the Birches

Camp Echo Corps is a group of high school volunteers who have worked throughout the year on projects to improve camp. Their most recent project was completed during first session, 2014 when they worked for an entire week to beautify the beach at the Birches Tent Unit where our RANGERS program lives. Thank you ECHO CORPS.



Y Summer Camp Readers Program at Echo

We are promoting more reading at Echo this summer by putting small libraries in each of our 20 camper cabins and encouraging counselors to read to their campers for half an hour at bedtime each night. 

We are always looking for more book donations especially for 6-8th grade boys. We are collecting books at our Sunday bus departures at the McGaw YMCA this summer. Or you can send them directly to Camp Echo, 3782 S. Triangle Trail, Fremont, MI 49412
attention: Katie Trippi


What's the coolest thing at the Trading Post?

The Camp Echo Buff sells for $8 and can be worn by boys and girls and in so many ways. 


The Camp Echo Website Has it All!
Visit our website to view up-to-date information about all that Camp Echo has to offer.
Spaces Available for Families at Camp Echo this summer: Family Trips and Mini Week Family Camp
It is not too late to join us with your whole family


Family Trips during 6th Session: 
August 10 thru 15.
Hiking on North Manitou Island or
Canoeing the Big Manistee River



Family Camp Mini Week: 
August 23 thru 27
Evanston's schools start on Monday, August 25th so we have space available for families with preschoolers, or maybe you are lucky and you live somewhere that school doesn't start til after Labor Day. Join us for this fun mini week of Family Camp.
If you are interested in registering for either trip or family camp, please contact:
Anne Connelly at 847-475-7400 x 270

Echo Alumni News
Alumni in this month's news:
Gillian Stevens Eastman
Tom Hodgman
Lindsay and Jordan Shea
Bill Tramel
Scott and Robin Tyink
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May the Echo Spirit be with you always,


Katie Tucker Trippi


Alumni and Development Director

3782 S. Triangle Trail

Fremont, MI 49412