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Friday, August 7, 2015


Quarterly Meeting/Education Excellence 


Mark your calendar now and plan to attend your SAR third quarter membership meeting and Education Excellence (three clock hours).

Thursday, August 27th at Center Place in Spokane Valley (pictured above).







8:30 a.m.  

Education Excellence: R.I.P. HUD-1 with instructor Angie DeArth.  See class/event flyer (pictured above), online here


11:30 a.m.   

Luncheon and Quarterly Membership Meeting 

SPECIAL FEATURE: see a demonstration of our coming forms software - Instanet Transaction Desk!

We will be selecting three REALTOR® members who would like to serve on the SAR's Nominating Committee for our 2016 leadership elections.   


We will also be voting on proposed association bylaw revisions.






Your leadership has just approved moving our electronic forms solution from ZipForm to
Instanet Transaction Desk. You will not only have electronic forms but much more, including a digital signature platform. 


All this - class, lunch, and meeting with software demo - is only $25!  Register online for class with lunch now:





Yes, you may attend just the luncheon. The cost for that alone is $20.  Contact Debbie at the SAR to reserve your seat: 326-9222 or by email here.     




In Touch with Congress            

Representatives of the SAR met with U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers Tuesday to talk over REALTOR® issues.

Picture above, left to right: Jack Kestell, 2015 SAR President; Terry Sullivan, NAR Director and NAR Federal Political Coordinator for Rep. McMorris Rodgers; Arne Woodard, SAR Director; Susie Luby, 2015 SAR President-elect, and Michael Baker, SAR Secretary and SAR Government Affairs Committee chair.



Statewide Forms Revisions Video Series     


The Statewide Forms and the NWMLS Forms changed last month. 

To help you get acquainted with the new forms, your Washington REALTOR® Legal Hotline Attorney Annie Fitzsimmons presents a series of videos to explain the impact of the changes on your business.

In her fourth video, Annie reviews the changes in Forms 39, 44, 46, 90K and 90L.

See the seven-minute video online here:

Forms #4
Forms Revisions #4

The third video in this series covers FIRPTA, DOL license numbers and the disposition of earnest money.

Watch the ten-minute video online here:

Forms #3
Forms Revisions #3

The second video in this series covers Form 17.

Watch the four-minute video online here:

Forms Revisions #2
Forms Revisions #2

The first video in Annie's series covers changes to Form 22A.

Watch the 12-minute video online here: 



Forms Revision
Forms Revisions #1



NOTE: Washington REALTORS® typically posts its weekly videos every Friday afternoon.  This happens after we send you the Weekly Notices every Friday morning.   


If you are eager to get these videos the minute they are posted online, please visit the WR YouTube page directly, online here.  


We will continue to feature these videos, as they become available, here in the Weekly Notices so you won't miss them either way. 



CRS Courses in Tri Cities         


The Tri Cities Association of REALTORS® invites SAR members to participate with its members in two CRS classes on Monday, August 31.

"It's a Price War to the Door" and "Negotiations: The Games People Play," with Jackie Leavenworth.

See class details and registration information in the event flyer (pictured above), online here


Lunch & Learn: TRID-RESPA-TILA          

OK, so we have a little more time (October 3rd) now, but the TRID - TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosures - are still on the track and they're coming our way!

Join us Tuesday, September 8th, at your SAR for a Lunch & Learn that will share what every REALTOR® needs to know about TRID.


See the event flyer, pictured above, online here.


Lunch & Learn: Renovation Loans          

Come and find out why renovation loans are so important on homes needing a little TLC. 

Join us Monday, September 21st, to learn about this product that allows your clients to finance both the purchase price and any required repairs/upgrades on a property so they can move in with financing in place for their chosen improvements.

See the event flyer, pictured above, online here.

2015 REALTOR® Education

Quality of Education 
through SAR/WR Education Instructors

Here is the latest class listing of your SAR - offering the best live and local continuing real estate education classes for 2015.

Click on each class title, underlined in blue, to bring up a flyer for that class - suitable for posting in your office. 

Register for these classes online here: 


Please be in touch with Debbie at the SAR if you have any questions about these classes or your license education requirements, by phone at 326-9222 or by email.

Purchase and Sale Agreement 
Statewide Purchase and Sale Agreement


This class will be offered again on October 13th.  See below for details.

Thursday, August 13
- Statewide Purchase & Sale Agreement - with Sabrina Jones-Schroeder.

Registration: 8:15 a.m.
Class: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
at the SAR

7.5 clock hours

Rural Land and Acreage 
Land and Acreage 200 - Rural Property 


Friday, August 14 - Land and Acreage 200 - Rural Property - with Jim Palmer, Jr.

Registration: 8:15 a.m.
Class: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
at the SAR

7.5 clock hours.

Current Issues 
Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate 

Thursday, September 3 - Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate - with Sabrina Jones-Schroeder.

Registration: 1:15 p.m.
Class: 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
at the SAR

3.0 clock hours

Code of Ethics: Standards for Success 
Code of Ethics: Standards for Success

Tuesday, September 15 - Code of Ethics: Standards for Success - with Linda Miller Sheets.

You are required by NAR to complete a Code of Ethics
class once in every four-year cycle. The current cycle began January 1, 2013, and will end December 31, 2016.

Registration: 8:!5 a.m. 
Class: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
at the SAR

7.5 clock hours

Mortgage Awareness for REALTORS 
Mortgage Awareness for REALTORS® 

Thursday, September 17 - Mortgage Awareness for REALTORS® - with Cristi Zacherle.

Registration: 8:15 a.m.
Class: 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
at the SAR

3.0 clock hours

Purchase & Sale Agreement 
Statewide Purchase & Sale Agreement

Tuesday, October 13 - Statewide Purchase & Sale Agreement - with Sabrina Jones-Schroeder.

Registration: 8:15 a.m.
Class: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
at the SAR

7.5 clock hours

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Quarterly Meeting/Education Excellence
In Touch with Congress
Statewide Forms Revisions Video
CRS Courses in Tri Cities
Lunch & Learn: TRID-RESPA-TILA
Lunch & Learn: Renovation Loans
2015 REALTOR® Education
Pack the Pantry - Volunteer Now!
Local Call for Action - Update
National Call for Action - Patent Trolls
The Voice for Real Estate
Mind your Ps and Qs
Member 2 Member
ListHub Report - June
Market Activity Report - July NEW!
You Be The Judge - July
Member Roster Update
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Click on the image below to see the current SAR calendar

showing dates and times of classes, committees and events. 





Pack the Pantry - Volunteer Now!         

Our 2015 SAR Pack the Pantry Food Drive is just around the corner! 

Mark your calendar now for Thursday and Friday, September 10th and 11th, to participate in this valuable and heartwarming community event.

Our partner again, this year, will be Albertsons.  Collection events will be held at all eight local stores. 

Contact the store captain of the location nearest you to sign up for a two hour volunteer shift.  The shift is easy - all you need to do is collect donations of food and/or money that are brought to the event table, and represent your SAR!

See the list of stores and store captains (pictured above), online here.

We're trying something new this year - Crowdrise!

With Crowdrise, anyone can donate through the SAR Food Drive directly to 2nd Harvest.

What's especially exciting, your office can set up its own account on the SAR Crowdrise page so that donations through your office can be tracked as they come in and sub-totaled when the event ends.

To set up your office on the SAR Pack the Pantry Crowdrise page, see the instruction flyer (pictured above), online here


Local Call for Action - Update          


Our recent local Call for Action is a success!  Thank you to our members who participated.

The call urged Spokane Mayor David Condon to block the Worker Bill of Rights from appearing on the November ballot.  This week, the City of Spokane filed a lawsuit in Spokane Superior Court to do that.

The Inlander shares more - including a copy of the law suit filed this week - online here.

National Call for Action - Patent Trolls           

  REALTOR Action Center

Patent Trolls are a real thing.

In 2011, the SAR was presented with a patent infringement claim, seeking $24 per member.  This would have cost your association about $36,000.

This was part of a claim by an organization called CIVIX that was filed against associations and MLSs across the country.

In the end, NAR, on behalf of associations and MLSs across the country, reached a settlement with CIVIX.

The cost ended up being $9.06 per subscriber. Our vendor, LPS at that time, paid $6.06 per subscriber and the SAR paid $3.00 per subscriber.

Please respond to this national Call for Action. Patent Trolls exist and your voice can make a difference!  


The Voice for Real Estate         

The National Association of REALTORS® presents here its bi-weekly roundup of the news that affects the industry and your business.

This edition features:
  • The national median home price reached its highest level ever
  • Webcast available on closing process changes
  • More messages needed on patent troll Call for Action
  • NAR supporting efforts to curb destructive wildfires
See the six-minute video online here:

The Voice for Real Estate #27
The Voice for Real Estate #27

Mind your Ps and Qs           

This seller's market offers opportunity for all players in a real estate transaction.

With opportunity comes risk.

Brokers who mind their "Ps" and "Qs" will emerge from this market with a foundation of clients, portfolio building respect from other industry members and a future that is likely free from finger-pointing, unhappy buyers and sellers.

WR Legal Hotline attorney Annie Fitzsimmons recently wrote an excellent blog post, A Broker's Guide to Feeling Good at the End of the Day.


Member 2 Member         

The SAR is pleased to welcome new affiliate member, Stearns Home Loans.  

The new office introduces Mary Payne, Chris Hendrickson and Sarah Craner to the Spokane real estate community.  See the announcement flyer (pictured above), online here.

Member 2 Member is a member benefit of the SAR.  It is intended to announce a new product, service, location or affiliate event.  If you are a member who wishes to share a message with your fellow members, please email it to Debbie at the SAR:


ListHub Report for June          


See the June ListHub report,  online here.

Market Activity Report - July


The SAR Market Activity Report for July is now online.

See the latest report - and archived reports - online here.




See the July 2015 summary report (pictured above) online here.







See the 2015 year-to-date summary report (pictured above) online here.        



You Be The Judge - July            

Here is You Be The Judge for July:

Case #1-25: Disclosure of Latent Defects.

Read the case and submit your judgement online here.


Those who decide correctly will be entered in a drawing for a Starbucks coffee card! 

Winner to be announced next month.


to Cathy Elmore, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson North, our June Starbucks card winner!


The Hearing Panel concluded that REALTOR® B had adequately respected the agency of REALTOR® A as interpreted by Standard of Practice 16-4. The panel's decision indicated that a listing broker should recognize that his refusal to disclose the type and expiration date of a listing to an inquiring broker frees the inquiring broker to contact the seller directly. If the contact with the seller is made under the provisions of Standard of Practice 16-4, the REALTOR® is also able to discuss the terms of a future listing on the property or may enter into a listing to become effective upon the expiration of the current listing. The panel found REALTOR® B not in violation of Article 16.  
From case #16-7: REALTOR®'s Refusal to Disclose Nature and Current Status of Listing to Another REALTOR®.

See the full text of last month's case, online here.


Member Roster Update





Click here to view the latest Roster Update - listing new and resigned members and companies.

Click here to view the latest list of MLS Subscription Waivers approved by the SAR Board of Directors.  
Send a message to Angie at the SAR with any changes.  



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