Tom & Deanna We recently returned from a landmark trip to the Central Coast of California, "ground zero" for the breakthrough we've been seeing since restarting our mission a few years back.

We have many dear friends out there, and it's always a joy to be with them...but something was different this time, dramatically so. We suddenly found ourselves in a whole new place of God's favor, especially with one "house" of prevalent influence in the region.   


So what happened?


Well, I can guarantee you I didn't get smarter or better looking since our last trip out to California. (Deanna's a different story.) Seriously, there is no explanation other than God's hand...and His timing.  


God is simply fulfilling the promise He made, when He gave me this vision 12 years ago: "If you do this, I will change the spiritual landscape of the nation." I always figured the bulk of its visible fruit would be back-loaded into the homestretch, so much so, it would look like a "suddenly."  

Historic Florida Statehouse
Historic Florida Statehouse (Click to open testimony-link)


And I believe we've

stepped into that "suddenly." CapitalWalk was a game-changer. Please read the excerpt below in Postscripts. And for a much more personal testimony of the power of God's promise, please click on this picture of the Florida Statehouse.   

1000 miles of prayer by the end of May...

Like I said . . . game-changer.

After over a decade of miles and meetings, I believe I finally have God's homestretch strategy to the finish line, which will be led by a Pastors Prayerwalk to the White House in the fall of 2015.

IF THE LORD WILLS, until then, our missional efforts will be focused on preparing the way for this cross-country prayerwalk, most notably, through brushfires of favor God will stoke in 100 cities from coast to coast (50 state capitals + 50 cultural capitals).

Our first 100-city prayerwalking tour starts at the end of May. Frankly, all this makes CapitalWalk look like a "walk in the park." So how does one prepare for such a monumental assignment?

I asked the Lord that very same question. 

He said to give Him 1,000 miles of prayer in 100 days before we leave. That's an average of 10 miles a day, but with other schedule demands and sabbath days from walking, it works out to anywhere from 7 to 17 miles a day. (Today is the 21st day.)

Truth: No human endeavor can accomplish more than Spirit-led, Blood-washed, fervent prayer. As the leader of this mission, I've had the opportunity to experience that blessing more than most.

Still, spending this many hours prayerwalking when there's so much "real work" to be done is a challenge, even for me. But, just like you, obedience is the only resource I have to draw from. 

And I'm all in.

Seems God wants my spirit and my flesh to be willing for what's ahead. (An encouraging health update: All things considered, I'm feeling pretty strong; not bad for a 54-year-old dude with "issues.")

I hope you're asking yourself, "How can I help?" 

Please print out this one-page Prayer Request for 2013 and Beyond... It includes an outline of all our "If the Lord wills" plans through 2015. Please post it and pray for us.

Please pray for some folks who are considering the call to join us as full-time missionaries, and for their financial support. Further, please ask the Lord how He might have you volunteer to help with our advance-efforts in these 100 cities. (For more information, please reply to this email.)

Praise report: Speaking of missionary volunteers, some leading pastors are already making plans to join us for the Pastors Prayerwalk to the White House.

Please ask the Lord how you can partner with us financially. I believe certain numbers of folks will step up to support us with special giving at specific thresholds: $4000 or more, $3000 or more, $2000 or more and $1000 or more... 

Can I get a witness?

Please allow me to write you a bit more often, just for these next few weeks. Note: This is my first general-email this year and it is considerably longer than most. This "crucible" season is significant, therefore this overview is comprehensive. Follow-up messages will be brief. (Typically, I send out emails about once a month.)    


BELOVED, it's much too late for religious, paint-by-the-numbers approaches. Too many lost souls have "been there, done that." Even if they don't realize it yet, they are desperate to join a genuinely humble and repentant people, marked by their unfathomable love for Christ and for one another. 


That needs to be us.  


There is no time for licking the wounds of insecurity; too much is at stake. There is no time to worry about who gets the credit; people are going to Hell.  


Lord, help us, once again, to reckon ourselves as dead unto our

flesh, that we might be resurrected with You, preemptively empowered by Your Spirit to obey You in real time!  


You are precious in His sight, and greatly loved by us both-- 

  Tom's Signature
P.S. Don't miss Deanna's video at the bottom...

Important Postscripts...

For my friends with whom I regularly dialogue via text...
I had the opportunity to "count it all joy" through an epic technical glitch last week, wherein I lost all the text-messages stored on my cell over the last two years. I'm good-to-go again, but if I've dropped the ball in communications with you, please text me again. Thanks.

CapitalWalk was a game-changer...  

(An excerpt from a recent thank-you note to donors)  


By faith, I believe it was the most spiritually fruitful--and for me personally--the most affirming missional journey of my life. I've never seen so many "light bulbs" of revelation go off. Folks "getting" it, that, ultimately, it's not Washington's fault, it's not the liberals fault, it's not the Democrats' or the Republicans' fault...


Scripture is clear. Ultimate accountability for the moral, spiritual, even for the economic condition of a nation rests not on the godless, but upon us, God's people. That's not a posture of religious arrogance, but of spiritual responsibility. "If MY people," says God. As the Church goes, so go the nation.


So long as we stop short of full-scale repentance and continue to blame "others," we will never see the level of peace and prosperity that God has envisioned for our great nation.


And our peace and prosperity is not the bottom line. God's glory, as manifest in the American Church and thereby unto the entire planet, is at stake. We must be fully invested in genuine repentance if we want to be the Light of the the whole world.


On our watch, let's do everything we can to leave a legacy of honor to the coming generations. Please continue to stand with us, as we contend for a nationwide breakthrough of repentance-in-unity.   


# # # 


Deanna at the yogurt shop...
Lastly, a 7-secoDeanna at the yogurt shopnd video that has nothing to do with our mission, per se, but everything to do with the joy it is to do life with Deanna. Freedom is contagious! (At the local yogurt shop with some dear friends.)
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