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"Dear Colleague" Letter for Healthcare Providers on 2013-2014 Flu Season
Last week Assistant Surgeon General of the US Public Health Service, Anne Schuchat, MD, wrote a letter to healthcare providers on flu vaccination. It includes information about CDC's current vaccination recommendations and the effectiveness of flu vaccines. The letter is available for distribution to providers in your area. More CDC influenza resources can be accessed here and information on how to address misconceptions

Vaccines on the Go: What You Should Know App

This free app on iTunes contains information about vaccines, the diseases they prevent, and common vaccine safety concerns. Downloading the app gives users access to: 1) games, like hangman, memory and matching; 2) links to resources, including videos, Q&A sheets, and booklets; 3) graphics related to typical disease timelines; and 4) places for saving notes or questions for medical appointments.  


Un Amor Perdido (A Lost Love): Spanish Influenza PSA

A new Spanish language motion comic book, available here, is based on a true story of a Hispanic couple expecting their second child. The story of Jorge and Monica is a tragic reminder of the importance of the annual flu vaccination for pregnant women and their families.   


New Laboratory Informatics Self-Assessment Tool

CDC and the Association of Public Health Laboratories have recently released a laboratory informatics self-assessment tool to help state and local public health laboratories assess their own informatics capabilities and gaps across a broad range of topics. The self-assessment tool is the first resource aimed at measuring informatics capabilities in public health laboratories in a systematic and comprehensive manner. Most of the identified capabilities and guidance are universal in nature and, consequently, can provide valuable assessment and direction to clinical laboratories. The tool is currently available to the public as a downloadable PDF.  

Health Reform Planning Tool for State Health Departments and LHDs
The Georgia Health Policy Center recently released "Leading Through Health System Change: A Public Health Opportunity," a new tool to help public health organizations adapt to the changing healthcare environment. The tool's interactive website can be used to examine the basics of healthcare reform and create a simple implementation plan for improving population health.


NACCHO's New Preparedness Brief Blog
NACCHO is excited to announce the launch of "The Preparedness Brief Blog." This new blog will explore preparedness issues through the lens of local public health. The Preparedness Brief Blog will replace NACCHO's bi-monthly Preparedness Brief newsletter. Be sure to visit regularly so you can stay updated on local public health preparedness issues.


Mobilizing Community Partnerships in Rural Communities 

This new NACCHO guide shares the experiences of organizations that lead effective collaborations in rural communities. These organizations include a non-profit corporation that emerged from a partnership, a behavioral healthcare provider and network, and a collaborative network based in a critical access hospital. The stories from the field are followed by a compilation of lessons learned that include brief descriptions of factors supporting the success of partnerships and lists of critical concerns during the strategic planning process.  


NEW: Billing For Clinical Services Toolkit and Website

NACCHO, with funding from the CDC, created a toolkit with resources, templates, and tools for LHDs to use while developing the capacity to bill third party payers for immunization, STD, TB and HIV services. More than 200 resources have currently been collected from state billing guides, CMS, state health departments, LHDs, insurance companies, and vendors of products such as electronic medical records and billing clearinghouses.  The toolkit can be found on NACCHO's new billing website along with other resources such as webinars, training opportunities, and information on peer networking.


NACCHO wants to talk you about your LHD billing experiences and needs! Please contact and we will work with you to schedule a time to discuss LHD billing.

NACCHO Immunization Videos Page
NACCHO has gathered videos addressing vaccination into one convenient place. Watch short videos covering immunization issues, including influenza, pertussis, adolescent immunization, and personal stories about vaccine preventable diseases. Videos range from humorous to serious and target a variety of ages.

Get Involved

Changes Since H1N1 Webinar
The South Central Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Center, in partnership with the Alabama Department of Public Health, will host a webinar titled

Changes Since H1N1: Perspectives from Immunization Managers in a National Survey on Wednesday, September 25, 2013 (1:00-2:30 PM EST). Presenters will describe perceptions and observations from immunization program managers about changes that have been made since the H1N1 pandemic to policy, infrastructure, practice, and relationships between state-level immunization and emergency preparedness programs. To see the conference flyer for this program click here. To register for this webinar click here.


Webinar Offers Evaluation Strategies to Health Communications

NACCHO and the CDC will host a webinar titled "Building Our Understanding of Health Communication Evaluation" on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 (3:00 PM EST). This is the fourth and final webinar in a series aimed at helping LHDs strengthen their communications capacity. Registration is available here.


2014 Health Care Workforce: Meeting the Demand for Increased Primary Care
The U.S. could face a shortfall of 91,500 physicians by 2020, according to projections from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). At the same time, innovations in health care delivery and payment, such as team-based care, medical homes and episodic bundling, could dramatically shift workforce demands. While there is an immediate need to entice more physicians into primary care practice, it is also important to consider how to leverage the changing delivery system to improve overall workforce efficiency. To learn more about these dynamics, watch "The Post-2014 Health Care Workforce: Meeting the Demand for Increased Primary Care," an archived webinar from August 2013. 


Invisible Threat: A High School Student Produced Film on Vaccines

A group of award winning teen broadcast journalists created a film on the immune system and vaccines. The documentary, Invisible Threat, will launch nationally in October 2014 and has already been endorsed by national health organizations. Organizations that have suitable theaters or auditoriums can host a private screening at  no charge. For more information about seeing the movie in theaters, visit students' goal is to start a national conversation on vaccines from the unique point of view adolescents. Questions can be directed to


Share Your Expertise and Submit an Abstract for the 2014 Preparedness Summit 

This year's Summit will take place April 1-4, 2014, in Atlanta. The theme is "Stronger Together: Aligning Public Health and Healthcare Preparedness Capabilities to Protect Our Communities." Join the distinguished list of Preparedness Summit presenters and submit an abstract for the 2014 Preparedness Summit today. Abstracts are open through Sept. 30. Stay tuned to for more details. 


Submit a Tool to NACCHO's Immunization and Infectious Disease Toolkits
NACCHO's Immunization and Infectious Disease Toolkits are intended to provide LHDs with resources related to immunization and infectious disease prevention and control practices. Examples of tools include templates, guides, community resources and much more. Log in to submit your own resources to the Toolkit to share with other LHDs. 



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