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"One Source Solutions for All Your Packaging Requirements"
  July/August  2014
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Ideal Drum & Tote Filler 
From Drums to Vials and Liquids to Granules
AMS 700 Rotary
The variety of equipment available to meet your filling requirements ranges from economical table top manual fillers to high speed, multihead fully automatic fillers. Pictured above is a drum filling and weighing system from IDEAL-PAK and an automatic bottle filling system from AMS. Some filling needs demand actual count - such as pharmaceuticals. Some require actual weight measurement and some require volumetric controls.  We can help you chose what is correct for your application.

In this issue we want to feature the wide variety of choices we have to offer in complete filling solutions. Belcorp has the expertise and capability of providing complete "turnkey" services beginning with evaluation, engineering, equipment, installation, and service for most packaging requirements.  You can put your project in our hands and we can do the rest !

As we have featured before, we have completed many projects involving fully functional total packaging systems.
Pictured below and to the left, are some of the choices we can offer in the filling, capping and labeling area.
Filling and Labeling

 We have a wide range of sources for filling, capping and labeling - including Kaps-All filling and capping equipment on the left and our own Hunkar Labeling Division labeler  - "The Brute" - on the right...  The complete system would involve conveying, cartoning, wrapping, and palletizing to achieve the most time, labor and cost effective system possible.  BELCORP can do it all.
NTL50 Top loader
 Complete System Integration
While we have focused on filling, we can provide complete system structure and integration into your overall production facility. Pictured are: a pick and place cartoning system, stretch wrap station, and a wide variety of conveyor systems. BELCORP can advise you and provide whatever is needed for your specifications.

Thank you for your continuing interest in our "Belcorp Bulletins"  Please note our revised slogan -"Your One Source Solution for All Your Packaging Requirements" BELCORP is prepared to be your single source for complete projects. We can assume responsibility for engineering help, equipment, installation and service. This should be important to you in time and cost savings.

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