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Introducing Hunkar Packaging LabelsFebruary 2014
  Printing Abilities
When it comes to stock and customized labels, Hunkar Data & Bar Code Systems, does it all. We offer custom configuration, sizes, materials, UV inks, varnishes and adhesives to satisfy your customers needs. We offer various configurations: sheets, rolls, pin feed, fan fold. Core sizes of .5" , .75", 1", 1.5", 1.625", 2" and 3". 

Printing is done on either 6 or 8 color, state of the art  Flexographic presses which can provide 4 color process work up to 200 LPI. A wide range of options can provide what you need.
Some examples are:
-Security inks.
-Thermal transfer
-In-line embossing
-Foil enhancement
-Die cutting
-Variety of adhesives

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Now that Belcorp is a Hunkar Technologies company, we would like to introduce you to the wide variety of  labels and label machinery solutions that Hunkar has available for your specific requirements. We have direct access to a complete line of label application equipment, label substrates, printed and finished labels, print and apply systems as well as bar coding and scanning equipment solutions.  In this bulletin, we will focus on the wide range of label materials, adhesives, and print capabilities Hunkar has to offer. Contact us for complete details.

If you are using packaging containers for your product, you may also require special labels for your application..  Here are a few questions for your consideration.

Do your labels provide you with the print quality you    expect?
Do labels fall off or conversely, don't come off when they are supposed to be "removable"? Curling on edges?
Are your labels delivered on time?
Do you have the right label adhesive and material for the application?
Do you experience smudging or smearing of print  when printing bar codes or capturing information.?
Do your current labels meet the environmental requirements for the package?  Heat, cold, moisture resistance, etc.?

The Hunkar label engineering staff is happy to review, with you, specific labeling requirements and design the perfect product for your needs and budget.  

As you know, the correct, attractive and economical label  truly finishes the look of your product !  HUNKAR has the right label to meet your needs ! Contact us at Belcorp for further information.

Pictured is a small selection of labels produced by Hunkar Packaging. They can supply you with a wide variety of label base stock, excellent print quality and fast economical service.
Larry McGovern -  Cell  513-702-8658
Ed Kraft  -  Cell  513-702-8659
Aaron Kraft  -  Cell  614-563-3211
Steve Averdick  -  Cell  859-653-5296
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