September, 2013 - In This Issue:
"The Customer Never Came Back".
In 2010, we wrote an article called "The True Cost of Complaints". You will find it on our web site located on our NEWS PAGE (blog).  The emphasis in that article was on actual costs to manufacturers for reported complaints such as those resulting in fines, injury, recalls, negative publicity, etc.

What we did not discuss is the more subtle effect of those situations where an item or product is not  meeting manufacturers' specs and creates a negative response by the buyer, but simply results in no more sales of that product to that consumer or company. The negative and passive response could be from:  short count, missing parts, unseen broken items, foreign objects or a wide variety of other seemingly minor "flaws"

Past studies have shown that in reported complaints, the area of "perceived poor quality" will result in at least a loss of sales in the 2 to 3 % range.  For high volume competitive products, this is significant!
The unknown and unreported cases will surely increase that percentage considerably. The result could simply be - "I wonder why we aren't selling more of "X" ?

The obvious answer is : be as sure as you can that you are producing and shipping the highest quality product possible.  We have solutions for you!

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We represent one of the premier manufacturers of high quality and high speed product inspection and x-ray detection equipment in the world.  ANRITSU produces a wide variety of check weigher, metal detector and x-ray units for most every product application. One of our experienced representatives from BELCORP would be happy to explore your requirements with you and recommend the specific equipment for your operation.  Contact us at

The technical expertise of Anritsu Engineering has allowed them to offer a superior range of products in check-weighing, metal detection and especially in x-ray inspection and detection technology.  Anritsu X-ray units are available in many configurations and sensitivity levels. They offer one of the most precise units on the market - able to detect contaminants as small as 0.2 mm in diameter.

Anritsu promises to "Help you build your brand reputation for safety and security"  We, at BELCORP, want to assist you in finding the right equipment to meet this goal.  Please contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our experts in packaging to achieve this goal

Ed Kraft  -           Office:800-555-1781  Cell:513-702-8659
Larry McGovern - Office:800-555-1781  Cell:513-702-8658
Aaron Kraft  -       Office:740-548-0629  Cell:614-563-6211
Steve Averdick -   Office:859-578-0333  Cell:859-653-5296
Jeff Neiweem -     Office:847-984-2833  Cell:847-867-4438

If you plan to attend PACK-EXPO in Las Vegas, we will be there working with some of our suppliers.
You can contact us by calling our cell phone numbers listed above.


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