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A new year has arrived and with it comes a new opportunity to attend many conferences and events! And whether you attend one or several, conferences are perfect for networking with fellow interpreters and translators, earning CEUs, and learning about the ever-changing language industry.  


Listed below are some of the conferences that will be taking place in the coming months. You can also find more conferences on our events page. If you have an event you would like us to list, please send us an email!


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Cross Cultural Healthcare Conference

January 16 - 17  



ALC Unconference

January 29-31





28th Annual CATI Conference

March 14




2015 GALA Annual Conference

March 22-25




2015 IMIA Annual Conference

April 24-26




2015 ALC Annual Conference

May 6-9




2015 NAJIT Annual Conference

May 15-17



NCIHC 9th Annual Membership Meeting

June 5-6  



Interpret America Summit 5

June 12-14



Translation Technology Starts to Prove Itself

The tech industry is doing its best to topple the Tower of Babel.Last month, Skype, Microsoft's video calling service, initiated simultaneous translation between English and Spanish speakers. Not to be outdone, Google will soon announce updates to its translation app for phones.

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In Iraq, Ex-Interpreter Makes His Mark as Tattoo Artist

The short, chubby Iraqi interpreter watched as the massively biceped American soldiers he worked for shot hoops during their breaks from guarding the Baghdad airport.It was 2006, and although Mohammed Akram Taher, 17, shared the troops' love of motorcycles and Metallica, he couldn't compete with them on the basketball court. So he sat on the sidelines, sketching.

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Video Interpreting Removes Language Barrier

According to mHealth News, video remote interpreting allows doctors to communicate with patients who don't speak the same language through video conference. Phone calls are most commonly used to bridge this gap, but it becomes difficult for the patient and doctor to share a phone while an interpreter does their best to communicate with them.

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In Schools of South Boston, a Wide Disparity on Foreign Language Offerings

Students at Walpole High School can learn French, German, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, or Spanish. At Hull High School, students have only one choice: Spanish.


Massachusetts doesn't require languages other than English to be taught, and the wide disparity in foreign language requirements and offerings is a fact of life in public schools across the region.


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