Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes
May 9, 2014
Sneak Peek for the Coming Weeks

Thursday, May 22

Lag B'Omer Field Trip

2:30PM Dismissal


Have a Relaxing Shabbos.

The light bulbs of RMS have been flickering for the past two weeks with bright ideas and innovative brainstorms. The entire student body came together to participate in the Invention Convention. Each group of boys researched a past invention and created an idea to improve, upgrade, or expand on that invention to create a new one. Models, demonstrations, and poster presentations took up the auditorium as each grade presented their ideas to a group of guest judges. 
We'd like to thank the 5th graders at Toras Emes for taking part in our event.  
See below as our students describe their own experience.

"I invented the Formula Mixer, because my Dad always wanted to build one when he was in school. 
I was happy that I could actually do it.   
Moshe Waisman  -6th grade

We invented XStream. It is a better way to create beverages. It is less calories than Sodastream, healthier. Its not addicting like soda. We have ten different flavors.
Zack Stern -8th Grade

"I made a watch with a built in charger  that also charges your phone. So it comes in many different styles.  It was called Time Juice because of the battery juice charger. It was amazing to see all the different inventions."
Daniel Merran   -7th grade

"My favorite part was being able to actually build something. My personal favorite was the Drone built by Joey Tokayer."   
Yanky Rosenberg -7th grade

"If I had to pick a favorite invention it would be the ROWKART, it was such a creative idea to make a go kart that could also go in the pool."   Simcha Seltzer -8th grade

"My favorite invention was my Wash n' Dry automatic washer/dryer and Iron. I liked the lights inside."  
 Haim Bagdadi -7th grade

"My invention was NanoRobotics. I thought o fit becuase I really don't like dentist drills. So I came up with the idesa of the Nano Dentist drill. Its a little microbot that has many drills for cavities, fillers of fillings and numbing agens but they don't hurts.They have tiny tools so you dont see them or feel tghem. They just need to be sprayed on with a puff of gas and vaccum them back out."
Ezra Berger -6th Grade

I made a Speaker Shaver called the Jarvis. We also considered the name Shabatzoo. It helps people who cant see well because it tells you where to shave. It also has a ten song playlist.
Dovid Kaplan -6th Grade

I invented Rocket Shoes. When youre bored you have something to do. You can fly around. You press an On switch the jets on the soles turn on. They have fuel in them and need to be reloaded monthly. Its so worth $20,000.
Avi Aquinin -7th Grade