Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes
April 4, 2014
Sneak Peek for the Coming Weeks

April 10th -April 23rd 
Pesach Vacation

April 24th
Classes Resume 9:00AM

Have a Relaxing Shabbos.
Melachos of 

We went outside and Rabbi Kaganoff had fresh kernels of wheat. We stomped on them in pairs of two, to separate the kernels and the stalks. Afterwards we picked up the carpet and shook it. The seeds are heavier and the scraps are lighter so they blow away. 
The next week Rabbi Kaganoff brought in a blender, grinder and a mortar and pestle. We made flour out of the kernels. We used all the machines and sifted the flour.
-by Yosef Nemani

Sensitivity Training in the 7th Grade

Natan Oropesa: I personally had a very learning experience and I got to see how it feels to have a disability.
Michael Shmueli:  It gave me a different perspective about what happens to people with disabilities.

Yakov Schwab: The activities helped me understand how disabled/handicapped people feel on a daily basis. I know more about how they should be treated.
Yehuda Gassner: Because of Yachad, I now really understand what its like to have one of those disabilities. Now that I experienced their difficulties, I will surely be nicer and more caring for people with special needs.


Exciting Spend and Raise News:


We now carry Wal-Mart cards!!!  Cards come in $100 increments.  They are available for purchase with cash or check only.  Please call or email the school office to order your cards.


Due to popular demand, we have decided to extend the deadline to order Pesach gift cards for one more week.  The last day to order cards is Monday, March 31 for pickup/delivery by Friday, April 4.  This will be the last time that you can order these specialty cards.  You can order online anytime at or call the Yeshiva office to place an order by phone 305-944-5344 ext. 201.  


All purchases will be applied to your family obligation on $5,000.