Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes
February 28, 2014
Sneak Peek for the Coming Weeks

March 5, 2014


Doors Open at 7:00PM


Rohr Middle School presents: 

"The Shushan Chronicles: A Royal Reversal"


Ticket reservations are officially open. Please email Mrs. Ruck at or call 305-947-7779 ext 325.


Admission is free with your reservation,

but there are many opportunities for sponsorships. 

Please call:

$50-$100 SPONSORS:  Yossi Rosenberg (7th Grade)

(305) 527-3684

$36 SPONSORS:  Benny Reines (8th Grade) 

(305) 535-6503

$25 SPONSORS:  Yonatan El-Gad (8th Grade) 

(786) 440-9022

$18 SPONSORS:  Gavriel Weiner (6th Grade) 

(972) 836-2403 


Have a GREAT Shabbos!
Play Incoming! Play Incoming!
by Yoseph Zundel Dubinsky
This coming week Wednesday, March 5th at 7:30PM is the RMS Play, Shushan Chronicles; a Royal Reversal.

This play is the 4th official play our wonderful teachers, Mrs. Ruck and Mr. Shuman have put together. This play was hard to make though, because due to the new building the auditorium was filled with boxes! Our wonderful rebbeim, Rabbi Kaganoff, Rabbi Mandel, and our crew of workers took all the boxes out in under a week! A big Thank You to them!
In other news, all workshops have done everything they can to prepare for this play. Mr. Cohen's workshop has taken pictures and videos for the PowerPoint at the play. Mrs. Steinberger's workshop is making hamentashen and masks for the play. With Mrs. J's guidance, Mrs. Berio's workshop is making palm trees, real-life looking Persian helmets and other great stuff.
See you at the play!

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Wishing you and your family a Freilichin Purim. 



Play Practice Schedules


March 2, 2014


Please send lunch with your son.


Yosef Alber

Yehoshua Azari

Ezra Berger

Avraham Brass

Avi Cohen

Shalom Deutsch

Avrumi Gruenstein

Avrohom Homnick

Dovid Kaplan

Ezra Kirschenbaum

David Mann

Yosef Nemani

Shelomo Sutton

Hillel Weinberger

Gavriel Weiner

Tzvi Winter

Akiva Yeshurun




Boaz Abramson

Haim Bagdadi

Jacob Benchetrit

Ezra Bistritz

Yossi Cohen

Menachem Fink

Dani Franklin

Yakov Freiberg

Yehuda Gassner

Yackov Greenberg

David Grinman

Josh Hyman

Yehuda Katz

Michael Magen

Daniel Merran

Natan Oropesa

Shimshy Parnes

Noam Peleg

Yanky Rosenberg

Zevi Roth

Yackov Schwab

Shimmy Siev

Menachem Smierc

Yosef Steinberg

Yaakov Sutton

Joey Tokayer

Efrem Wasserman




Yaakov Alfassy

Netanel Aminov

Noah Berger

Zevi Bistritz

Shui Braunshweiger

Shawn Cohen

Yonatan El-Gad

Rueven Evgi

Simcha Galbut

Admon Gutt

Uriel Heiney

Moshe Kessler

Yonatan Klecky

Jacob Lebensburger

Dani Levy

Elnatan Oz

Ezra Pomper

Benny Reines

Dovid Roth

Eli Sandhaus

Shaya Schwab

Simcha Seltzer

Matan Shaltiel

Yenon Sharaby

Shimon Shoshan

Zack Stern