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October 31, 2013
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November 11
Professional Development Day
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November 20
Family Game Night

 Have a GREAT Shabbos!



Rabbi Fried's 7th grade class took an exciting excursion this Wednesday. Thank you to Rabbi Selmar who gave them a hands-on view of what it means to put up an Eruv and how to make sure it is kosher. The boys traveled through North Miami Beach learning the ins and outs of the Eruv. They definitely did hang onto every word that was said and enjoyed the hands-on learning experience.


  Thank you to Ezra Bistritz, our resident photographer, for a great job!


The RMS bookball league is Rohrin' and scorin' as the boys continue to read books and score touchdowns for every 100 pages they read. Each month we meet in the friend zone to borrow books from the Rucktabulous Lending Library, take the Trivia Challenge or get a Bookball Sundae (cool treat). Come check out our scoreboard in the hallway to see who is a Quarterbook, A Line by Line Backer or the MVR?

Currently, Yosef Steinberg is in the lead with 229 books read.


Our Reading Plus program is also in full swing as 6th and 7th graders compete against themselves to improve basic reading comprehension skills. The boys enter the Media Center twice a week under the supervision of Mr. Cohen and engage in interesting lessons and activities to bring their reading fluency and comprehension to a higher level. Each month they will have a Bookball Plus assembly to acknowledge the strides they are making in the program.

Save the date: March 5, 2014 

Rohr Middle School presents 

"The Shushan Chronicles: A Royal Reversal" 

Keep up the good work and continue ordering your gift cards!


We currently carry gift cards to Publix, Winn Dixie, Target, South FL Kosher and Amazon and are constantly working to expand the list of stores. All current purchases will be applied to your 2013-2014 Spend and Raise gift card obligation.  


The Spend and Raise Program was initiated last fall to 

help raise necessary  funds for the Yeshiva. We have teamed up with the stores mentioned above and they donate to the Yeshiva a healthy percentage of revenue from purchases made with their gift cards. 


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