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October 25, 2013
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Tuesday, October 29
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The Power of Prayer

Rabbi Reznitsky's eighth grade boys were truly lifted higher this week as they journeyed to the high school to hear two special Rebbeim speak about Tefilla. Rabbi Mordechai Shaffier and Rabbi Eli Mansour brought words of chizuk and emotion to enhance their mornings. Here are some of the boys' thoughts on their experience.

"I was inspired when he said he would never waste a second, he would always be learning Torah."
-Admon Gutt about Rabbi Mansour regarding Rav Ovadia Yosef Zatzal

"Rabbi Mansour talked about how great Rav Ovadia Yosef was. How he learned all of his life and put aside all distraction." 
-Uriel Heiney

"Rabbi Mansour's Hesped on Chacham Ovadia Yosef Zatzal made me realize that there is no excuse to not learn Torah. He was told he had to walk 30 minutes a day for exercise. During those walks he would go over Pirkei Avos twice." 
-Eli Sandhaus

"Rabbi Schaeffer spoke about the importance of looking at all the wonders of Hashem and to appreciate them. He also spoke about thinking that Hashem is right in front of you during davening. I will stop and think before I daven from now on." 
-Dovid Roth

You should always believe that Hashem is there. Once you do, you have a better chance of davening with more intent, which you are supposed to do." 
 -Simcha Seltzer

"I will take from his words, to daven as if Hashem is right near me and it is as if I am talking to a friend and he is right across from me."    
-Shimon Shoshan



8th Grade Leads the Way

Eighth grade is taking the LEAD with this year's leadership committees. Each student chose a job to take on throughout the school year from fundraising to photography to Special Events to Beis Medrash. The committees meet often to collaborate ideas and make their eighth grade year a memorable and productive experience.

 One specific committee is the flowers committee. The boys work each week to prepare the flowers, package the flowers, and sell the flowers during carpool. Under the direction of Mr. Cohen the boys are blossoming in their fundraising skills.


Melacha of the Week

Rabbi Kaganoff's 6th grade class learns the Lamed Tes Melachos of Shabbos in the most hands on way possible. Each melacha is introduced with a lesson that ensure the boy will understand the melacha in an inspiring and creative way.

This week the boys learned how to weave their own baskets to represent the melacha of Oraig



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