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March 1, 2013


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Ignite the Greatness within Every Student!

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The annual Academic Achievement Awards Assembly took place this past Wednesday to celebrate enrichment opportunities at RMS. The two programs featured in the assembly were the Spelling Bee and The Bookball League. With over 65 students receiving awards or trophies, everyone came out a winner. The school earned a record-breaking 4,130 touchdowns which means over 4,000 books were read from September through February. Our MVR (Most Valuable Reader) was Dovi Schwartz and our touchdown Kings were Yosef Steinberg, Yonatan Klecky & Yonatan El-gad, all who read over 300 books.  We look forward to celebrating more enrichment opportunities in May.

Mrs. Berio's science classes have been very busy.  The sixth grade bugged out this week as they used termites to practice using the scientific method in a creepy-crawly lab.  The seventh grade class made their first Junk Box War project this week. The boys were challenged to create a car powered by balloons. Each group used their ingenuity and science knowledge to create the most successful car. Who created the fastest car? Stay tuned... Click here to watch a video of the boys testing their cars.

The learn-a-thon excitement was capped off this week with a chinese auction to reward all the hard work our boys put into fund-raising.   Click here to watch a video from the Learnathon.

Have a good Shabbos!
Balloon Powered Cars

Awards Assembly
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