Yeshiva Toras Chaim/Toras Emes Academy of Miami
February 15, 2013


Tue. Feb. 21:
Taanis Esther
First Dismissal   12:15pm
Optional Mincha   1:03pm
Second Dismissal 1:35pm
Fri. Feb. 22:
Purim Program
Sun & Mon. Feb. 24 & 25:
Purim & Shushan Purim
Wed. Feb. 27:
Bookball Award Ceremony
Thur. Feb. 28:

Ignite the Greatness within Every Student!

Dear Parents:    top

Last week, RMS was inspired and re-energized in its mission to "Ignite the GREATNESS within every student".  Mr. Lonnie Moore, an internationally known motivational speaker and author, conducted  a variety of workshops with our parent body, our entire student body, and our entire staff, as well as working individually with smaller parent teams, student teams, and teacher teams.  


Mr. Moore's presentation to parents covered such topics as positive thinking, the power of focus, goal setting, and modeling leadership at home.  To the students, Mr Moore illustrated how to become more proactive, how to set goals - to live by design not by default, and how to overcome challenges and setbacks.  If you missed it - consider signing up for Rabbi Pam's series of workshops based on these principles. Just call the office and leave a message for Rabbi Pam to get more details.
On Monday, February 4th, Rabbi Fried's seventh grade shiur went on an inspirational trip to the Holocaust Memorial.  The boys were deeply touched when a ninety three year old man retold his harsh experiences during the Holocaust.
       Last Tuesday, February 5th, the Rohr Lions played another Basketball game in Kendall. The boys were once again victorious! We look forward to seeing the boys continue down this road as their middos and hard work and commitment make each game they play a winning experience.
This week the seventh grade crafted a model Menorah representing the Menorah in the Bais Hamikdash.  After studying the detailed description of the Menorah based on this week's parsha, the students were able to mold from clay the intricate גביעים (cups), כפתורים ("buttons"), and פרחים (flowers).   Many thanks to Mrs. J for helping with this great project!


Have a great week!  
Mr. Lonnie Moore Visits RMS

Seventh Grade Menorah Projects

Weekly Shiur for 7th Grade Fathers

Learn the Gemarah in Perek Hameyniach that your son's class will be covering in the upcoming week.

Rabbi Fried
Sunday 8:00pm
Sharray Tefilla (10th Ave & 172nd Street NMB)
contact #: 786-457-0286

Rabbi Pam
Sunday 8:00pm
Yeshiva Toras Chaim (Bais Medrash Wing)
contact #: 917-774-5217