Yeshiva Toras Chaim/Toras Emes Academy of Miami
February 1, 2013


Wed. Feb. 6:
"My Child a Leader?"
by Mr. Lonnie Moore, Senior Consultant, Franklin Covey
Thur. Feb. 7:
Dismissal 12:15pm
No Lunch
No Mishmar
Professional Development
Fri. Feb. 8:
Rabbi Yossi Heber Teacher's Insitute
Thur. Feb. 14:
Mon. Feb. 18:
17th Annual Learnathon
Dismissal 2:30pm
Details to follow

Ignite the Greatness within Every Student!

Dear Parents:    top

Welcome Back!

We had a great first week back from winter vacation,

Enjoying our friends and our continued education.

Learn-a-thon collection has begun,

Conferences with students and teachers, were rewarding and fun.

Our 6th graders started science and social studies as classes were switched.

Meeting with the 7th grade as the new gedolim project has been         pitched,

Entertaining new workshops as we approach spring.


Bookball league playoffs are in full swing,

A S.P.A.R.K. continues to light up at Rohr.

Creativity, learning, middos, and greatness galore,

Keep on reading each week ....there's sure to be more!


As parents with a son in a "Leadership School", you may have wondered...  "What really is this Leadership Model?", "Are there other schools doing this?", "How do the 7 habits promote leadership?", and most importantly you might ask,  "What should I be doing to promote my son's Leadership?"


Please join us on Wednesday, February 6 at 8:00p.m. as we host Mr. Lonnie Moore.  Mr. Moore's presentation is entitled "Leadership - What can I do?".  He will provide insight into what are the principles behind leadership, what a leadership school looks like, and the impact that leadership can have on your son.  Most importantly, he will answer how as parents you can be a partner in developing your son's leadership.


Mr. Moore is a senior consultant at FranklinCovey, who has taught and guided hundreds of schools worldwide in developing leadership programs.  Mr. Moore has been involved with RMS's leadership program from its inception. 


We look forward to personally greeting each of you this Wednesday evening!


 Hope you have a great Shabbos!  

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Student - Teacher Conferences

Weekly Shiur for 7th Grade Fathers

Learn the Gemarah in Perek Hameyniach that your son's class will be covering in the upcoming week.

Rabbi Fried
Sunday 8:00pm
Sharray Tefilla (10th Ave & 172nd Street NMB)
contact #: 786-457-0286

Rabbi Pam
Sunday 8:00pm
Yeshiva Toras Chaim (Bais Medrash Wing)
contact #: 917-774-5217