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January 11, 2013



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Ignite the Greatness within Every Student!

Dear Parents:   

After much preparation, this week RMS students proudly presented Leadership Day 2013 to many gracious guests.   Visitors were greeted by many welcome signs created by students in "The Wall's Speak" workshop and in the RMS talented band.  
Our greeters checked guests in and distributed welcome packets in our Welcome Center. 
 Our opening assembly featured many student speakers and video presentations (see below.)    Guests were then treated to student-led, round-table discussions where they had the opportunity to speak with the students about Leadership, the seven habits and our program.   
 Our students and teachers worked hard to create an incredible Expo featuring 30 different booths, each highlighting various school projects and programs.  As visitors circulated the room taking in all the amazing displays, our students did an excellent job explaining and answering any questions regarding their respective booths.   
 The day concluded with a  closing assembly featuring the RMS choiralong with the entire RMS  student body,  singing our theme song, "Anyone Can Make a Difference."


Boaz Sobol (grade eight) journal-ed what our students had to say about Leadership Day and shares them here: 
"Leadership Day really helped me understand what it means to be a better leader." - Josh Hyman, Grade 6


"It felt really great to be able to be the M.C. at this tremendous day." - Jacob Benchitrit, Grade 6


"Leadership Day was an amazing success! I really enjoyed it."  - Zacky Sten, Grade 7


"Leadership Day gave me a chance to show my leadership traits." - Yaakov Lebensburger, Grade 7


"I really enjoyed seeing all the amazing expos on Leadership Day." - Naftali Rubin, Grade 8


Boaz said, "I love Leadership Day because it gives each and every student a chance to show what they are made of!"
Eli Sandhaus (7th grade) served as a post leadership day news correspondent - below is his article:
Leadership Day 2013 was a smashing success! One guest compared the experience to "better than Godiva chocolate!" Rabbi Palgon was thoroughly impressed by all the boys incredible performances over the course of the day. I personally enjoyed watching Noah Berger working all the technology during the program.  Mrs. Berio experienced her first Leadership Day and said that she was impressed with how all the boys participated in the event.  "I already cannot wait until next year's Leadership Day", Mrs. Berio stated with excitement.  It looks like everyone's hard work paid off. 

You can watch the videos shown at Leadership Day, which showcased some of the many leadership opportunities in which RMS students participate throughout the year.
Open House    Open House 
BB Ball    Walls Speak
Walls Speak    Walls Speak  

Many thanks for all the boys' hard work, whether they were speakers, round-table hosts, photographers, technology or set up crew, everyone's combined contribution made the day a tremendous success!  Of course, thank you to all the teachers for all their hours of hard work and to Rabbi Zev Pam, our Leadership Coordinator.
 On Thursday, the seventh grade had their tefillin practicum.  What a blast!  Rabbi Dreyfuss's shiur from YTC came in and tested Rabbi Fried and Rabbi Pam's seventh grade classes on the proper way to don tefillin.  Both grades  had a productive learning experience and a  great time!  After the test, in which everyone did well, all the boys got together  for a group picture and then enjoyed an amazing game of basketball (seventh grade vs. those in Rabbi Dreyfuss's shiur !  (Thank you to Avner Yeshurun - 7th grade - for contributing this article.)
Hope you have a great Shabbos!

Leadership Day Welcome Center
Open House

Leadership Day Opening Program
Open House

Leadership Day Student Led
Round Table Discussions
Open House

Leadership Day Expo
Open House

Leadership Day Closing Program
Open House

Seventh Grade Tefillin Practicum
Open House