Yeshiva Toras Chaim/Toras Emes Academy of Miami
January 4, 2013


Wed. Jan. 9:

Thur. Jan. 10:
No Mishmar
Wed.  Jan. 15:
Annual YTC Dinner
Thur. Jan. 17:
No Mishmar
Fri. Jan. 18:
12:15 Dismissal 
Second Quarter Ends
Sun. Jan. 20 - Sun. Jan. 27:
Mid-Winter Recess
No Classes

Ignite the Greatness within Every Student!

Dear Parents:   

This past Sunday, many of our students wowed prospective parent and students with tours and speeches about RMS at our annual Open House.  Thank you to all those who attended and helped out!  If you or someone you know missed the Open House please have them give our Admission's Director, Mrs. Pam, a call to set up a time to come see the school.  As a reminder the application deadline for RMS is January 14.

R  ohr Middle School is roarin' with excitement & more
O  opportunites for leadership is endless at Rohr
H  ard working teachers and students preparing
R  ehearsing and designing, good things we'll be sharing

M oments away from Leadership Day
I   gniting the Greatness in every way
D  id, we tell you about our Open House last week
D edicated students, smiling from cheek to cheek
L earning and special events at the expo were shown
E very parent's mind was certainly blown

S o many students in the Bookball League this year
C losing in on the end, 'cause the Playoffs are here
H ow many books have you read so far
O ur assembly is sure to have more than one star
Open House volunteers we thank you for your participation
L eadership Day is our next anticipation

U nique exhibits, displays, & tours
P ersonal discussion with students at Rohr
D id you make your reservation yet?
A  day that we guarantee you will never forget
T eachers & Rebbeim, Students & More
Every day is Leadership Day at Rohr

Leadership day is around the corner.  Don't forget to register as space is limited. Leadership Day is a wonderful time to come see our students demonstrating their growth in leadership here at RMS.  Please don't let the cost deter you; we are delighted to have you all!

Hope you have a great Shabbos!

RMS Open House
Open House