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April 25, 2016

We are thrilled to introduce these amazing new CZTs from around the world who attended our 23rd Certified Zentangle Teacher training earlier this month.

In this newsletter we share with you some of the Zentangle Tiles and Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA) that they shared with us.

(We have created a companion blog so you can see larger images of all the pictures in this newsletter. Link below.)

Welcome and enjoy!

Welcome to CZTs from Seminar 23!

Once again, the wide-spread popularity of the Zentangle Method showed in the various countries and states of students. 

In this class of 108 students, we had students from 13 countries and 30 (US) states! 


Once again we all basked in the uplifting camaraderie of Zentangle creativity.


Of all the things we do, some of the most rewarding is to meet and spend time with the individuals that attend these seminars.


Zentangle Inspired Art from Seminar 23

Here is a (small) sampling of the spectacular art they shared with us all:

Thanks again to all who brought and shared such beauty and creativity. Due to space limitations, we have only shared a small sample. All the art on display was so exquisite that we would like to have shared it all.

View these and other images in larger size at this companion blogpost for this newsletter.

Tangle to Tangle at Kripalu - May 20-22, 2016

We're getting close to this special time to relax into an opportunity to explore tangles and creativity in a beautiful retreat setting during springtime in New England.

After our last newsletter many people signed up and there are not a lot of seats remaining.

This class is taught by Rick and Maria along with Molly and Martha. It is for people with previous Zentangle experience or general knowledge of the Zentangle Method.

Allow each pen stroke to guide you toward the next on this Zentangle journey beyond the basics. Using the fundamental steps of the Zentangle Method, explore tangles you may already be familiar with, discover new ones, and take your creations to a new level of fluidity.

This class unveils simple tricks and tools that play with linking tangles to one another and includes:
  • Ways to start one tangle from the end of another,
  • Techniques to enjoy the process of Zentangle and its in-the-moment creativity, and
  • The making of beautiful, free-flowing, Zentangle art.
Designed for everyone already enjoying this meditative form of artistic expression, this program lets your Zentangle practice flourish and go even deeper, one tangle at a time.

Register here.

See you there!


Over the next few days and weeks, you will likely find new CZTs in your area. You can look for them at this link on our website.

You can also enjoy their artwork along with that of many other tanglers on our Zentangle Mosaic app. See sidebar above for more info.

Thank you all once more for participating. We are thrilled to share this wonderful Zentangle adventure with you!

Best from us all,

Rick, Maria, Bijou and everyone at Zentangle 


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