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December 13, 2015

We have been having the best time working with Bijou on a fun series of blog posts on BLOG Zentangle called "Bijou's Twelve Days of Christmas." 

Each blog post explores one or two "Bijouisms" that are incorporated into a decorative ornament. After you finish this newsletter, we invite you to enjoy the creativity, insights and comments in this delightful series. 

Today's 12th day gift from Bijou is a "Box of Bijouisms" -- all Bijou's words of gentle wisdom gathered in one place for you to enjoy! More info below.


Box of Bijouisms

After many many requests (and much prodding from Bijou) we have assembled all 24 Bijouisms into one place for you to enjoy. 

This delightful box contains two each of Bijou's 24 Bijouisms (48 in all), four Bijou tiles, and a Bijou insert. 
Bjouisms have been a great way for us at Zentangle to gently illuminate the philosophies behind the Zentangle Method. 

These cute little cards are great to use to . . . 
  • Inspire (pick one at random)
  • Tangle a tile frame for a Bijouism
  • Hide one someplace special as a reminder
  • Use for part of your class, or even
  • Play "memory game"!
For more on Bijou and his bijouisms check out our website page about them at

Bijouism Deck
: $14.95 

More Bijou Gifts

As they say, "But wait, there's more!"

While we're on a Bijou theme, we want to remind you of these additional treats to enjoy and inspire:

Tinful of Bijou Tiles
Bijou's first product (designed in close collaboration with Molly) is this Tinful of Tiles. This little jewel of a box has rounded corners and a window lid so you can see Bijou (or your favorite tile of the day).
Bijou tiles are ideal for mono-tangles and for organizing your tangles and tangleations, or, a quick classic.

Each tinful contains approximately 55 tiles, three random Bijouisms (we're never sure which ones Bijou includes) and a light-hearted and heart-warming introduction to Bijou.
Tinful of Bijou Tiles:  $18.00

Bijou Frames
Bijou REALLY wanted frames to show off his new tiles. 

So we REALLY did it up. Each frame comes wrapped in tissue inside its own little muslin "Bijou bag." Bijou also included two Bijou tiles and a Bijouism.
Bijou Frame:  $29.00   (limited quantity)


Bijou T-Shirts

Available in sizes S-3XL. Please indicate in order comments which size you would like. 
Bijou T-Shirt: $24.00 each


Bijou Tote Bag

Made of heavy washed canvas, it features nylon webbing handles, a large open main compartment with snap enclosures, an inside zippered hanging pocket and an outside pocket. 

18" wide x 15" high x 10" deep (46 x 38 x 25 cm)

Bijou Tote Bag: $35.00



Our Zentangle Holiday Tradition 
Kit with bow
To celebrate this season and to help make your Zentangle gift extra special, Maria will hand-letter a gift card to accompany your Zentangle purchase. This is available through the end of the year. 
All you have to do is ask.
Just tell us the names you want for the "to" and the "from" in the Comment section as you check out online or tell us when you call in your order, but please, no long notes, just names.  

Huffington Post Says . . . .

Zentangle is a drawing method invented by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, designed to make drawing meditative and accessible to all. To learn the official method you must be taught by a Zentangle Teacher, but you can recreate the basic idea on your own. Use a piece of paper, cut into a 3.5-inch square piece, and draw a freehand border around the edge in light pencil. Then use your pencil to draw a curved line or squiggle within the border, called a "string."

Now switch to a pen and begin drawing a "tangle," a series of patterns and shapes around your "string" and voila! You got yourself a Zentangle. The process is designed to encourage deliberate, ritual creation and allow room for human error -- no erasing, that's against the rules. Traditional Zentangles are always black and white but we fully support experimenting with color. The entire process shouldn't take more than 15 minutes, and can be repeated whenever you feel the urge. Keep some squares handy so you can always create when inspiration strikes.

Here's the link.

Thank you again to all who contributed their comments to this year's Twelve Days Blog series. 

We invite you to check out our twelfth day post and comment. We randomly choose commenters and mail each a gift as our thank you for contributing.

Thank you also for sharing in this wonder-filled Zentangle adventure with us. We wish you and your family the very best at this holiday season and always.

Best from us all,

Rick, Maria, Bijou and everyone at Zentangle 


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The Zentangle Method is an easy
to learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

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