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July 19, 2015


With this newsletter we are thrilled and honored to introduce to you the students from the 21st Certified Zentangle Teacher training seminar. 

You can now take a Zentangle class from almost 2,000 CZTs in 29 countries!

Please enjoy the pictures and stories from this class.

Welcome to CZTs of Seminar 21!

This amazing group added three more countries to our CZT list: Mexico, Finland and Pakistan.

(We'll have a link to larger images at the end of this newsletter.)

Once again, we are happy to share the wealth of creative ideas and inspirations that occur when a Zentangle artist sees a blank surface. 

(These Belgian chocolates tasted as good as they look!)


The hotel lobby was a place of refreshment between classes:

. . . a place to enjoy a gallery of Zentangle art:

. . . and, a place to display and appreciate the mosaics of student art:


Dilip Patel, CZT from India, accompanied his wife as she attended training. We asked Dilip to share his experiences as a CZT in India. 

He talked about giving classes. He talked about creating a tangle. Most moving was his description of the Zentangle programs he has been giving at centers which protect and help young girls who have been rescued after they were kidnapped and forced into the sex trade. 

Dilip described how these otherwise expressionless girls would come alive as they tangled. For the first time in a long while they were, if only for a few minutes, able to put down the burdens of their past and the fears of their futures. 


"Max" attended as a service dog and received the "Max" award as the first Zentangle puppy! Amy Allen Sekhar, CZT, graciously accepted the honor on his behalf.




You can see all of these images and more in a larger format at this newsletter's companion blog post


Thank you for enjoying with us this sample of the creativity and camaraderie shared at this seminar!




We will announce our 2016 CZT Seminar schedule in about a month. 




Zentangle Birthday Gift

Linda Farmer, CZT, runs an online index of Zentangle tangles at

Linda sent an email describing her daily tangle refresher in honor of Zentangle's 11th anniversary. It included this awesome quote we had to share:

"In my view, Zentangle has changed the landscape of the art world by making it inclusive for anyone who can pick up a pen to experience the personal joy of creativity and artful self expression."

Thanks so much for saying that, Linda!


Once more, thank you again for sharing this wonderful, amazing and unfolding adventure with us and with each other all around this world.


Go to this link to find a CZT near you and take some Zentangle classes!



Best always,

Rick, Maria, Bijou and all of us at Zentangle 












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