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May 10, 2015


With this newsletter we welcome the CZTs who attended our 19th Certified Zentangle Teacher training seminar in Providence, RI, USA, on April 19 - 22, 2015.

We also have some other treats for you below.


Welcome to CZTs of Seminar 19!

Please join us in welcoming the CZTs of Seminar 19! 

In this class everyone had that precious opportunity to meet like-minded passionate people from all over this world and enjoy each others' company. 

We had four pairs of mothers and daughters at Seminar 19 (five if you count Maria and Martha and Molly). How appropriate then that we publish this newsletter today, Mothers' Day in USA! One mother/daughter pair came from Austria . . . a new country to add to the list of countries with CZTs!

Enjoy just a few images from this seminar. 

New friends from Taiwan brought tangled gifts for all:

Many different surfaces benefited from tangling:










As well as tangling on more traditional surfaces:












Enjoying mosaics:



You can see many of these images in a larger format at this companion blog.


Thank you for enjoying with us this ever-so-small sample of the camaraderie and visual treasures from this seminar!




Zentangle Sharings

We continue to receive so many wonderful images and letters. Here are just a few more. Enjoy!




Hello Rick and Maria,


I want to share with you my Zentangle wall in my loft in Los Angeles. My ceilings are 14' feet high. This was a labor of love


I attended your second workshop.


Penny Raile, CZT (2)












Rick writes:


I love this image as an example of how similar patterns permeate our experience at different levels of scale and environments.


As we write in our book,


"Our world is awash in patterns. Our world [and universe!] is patterns."
























Dear Rick and Maria,

Hi Rick and Maria,

The city of Morgan Hill is undergoing reconstruction. In an effort to make the city an attractive place to visit during the rebuilding process, the city offered what were called "Placemaking Grants" and put out a call to artists, asking for proposals for temporary art installations.

Morgan Hill has had a Zentangle-inspired drawing club for the past year and half. My husband and I took the next step last October and became CZTs (wonderful experience!) and came back to teach many of the club members. Three more members will be attending your seminars between now and June of this year.

We put together a proposal to beautify Morgan Hill with Zentangle! We were offered a wall in a prime area and received a grant to cover it with Zentangle tiles. We painted 10X10 pieces of plywood which the project leaders distributed to approximately 40 people who had taken Zentangle classes. So far we have received over 60 pieces of Zentangle Inspired Art from folks ages 7 to 70! The center of the installation consists of 10 titles, each with a tangled letter, the combination spelling MORGAN HILL. Samples of both my husband's and my work are below.

The installation is happening in Morgan Hill this week, hopefully with local television news coverage. If you're interested, we'd love to send you photo's of the finished work consisting of 60 tiles by 40 people!

Many thanks to you both for introducing Zentangle to Morgan Hill!

Jann Griffiths, CZT

Thanks Jann, we'd love to see that result!


Thank you again to all for sharing this wonderful adventure with us and with each other all around this world.



Best always,

Rick, Maria, Bijou and all of us at Zentangle 












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