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Passion, Gratitude and Family
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Zentangle Sharings
Tray Bien, Merci!
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March 14, 2015 
(or approximately, 3.14.15 9:26:53 EST)


Lot's of fun treats to share in this newsletter.


Passion, Gratitude and Family

At our recent Zentangle Christmas party (delayed because of snow), we unveiled this stained glass window that we designed with a friend who made it.

This angel joins many other angels that live at (or visit) our home and business.

Enjoy more pictures and the background story about this special addition to our home at this blog post.

We invite you to join the conversations on our intermittent blog posts. As a thank you, we often randomly pick commenters and send them something. We'll do the same on this blog post. See you there!

Zentangle - a Design Trend in 2015*

Shutterstock, a stock photography and music provider can see what's trending based on customer interest. For 2015, Shutterstock notes Zentangle as one of the top five rising trends impacting the design world. [Link]

* And, we suggest, beyond!

Zentangle Sharings

We receive so many wonderful images and letters. Here are just a few. We trust you will enjoy them as much as we do.


Dear Rick and Maria,

I compare Zentangle to square dancing. In the dance, one has to concentrate and listen to the caller, forgetting the outside world for a fun time, otherwise one would take steps out of sequence.  In "tangling," I listen to my "Caller" inspiring me to create patterns based on your demonstrations and can't think of anything else. It's the most rewarding and relaxing pastime. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful technique. Keep up the good work.    -- E


Dear Rick, Maria and Molly

This morning I am sending you photos of several Zentangle inspired pieces.   

[Editor note: Excerpt from image above. 
Note the hollibaugh nest and the aura-ed chicks.]

I am also attaching one of my polished watercolor portraits, so you can see the contrast in my Zentangle inspired work, and my other work.  

[Editor note: Cropped from original]

One of the things I love about Zentangle, is that through its practice, I have truly learned to follow the creative urge, and not hold back. I believe it also teaches me design principles.

Mary Wykes, CZT


Thank you for the welcome. I am a 44 year old, separated, mother of two, and have been on a journey with debilitating severe Lyme disease and other conditions. 

About six months ago I was able to stop using a walker and wheelchair.  I am able to function a little better and have been looking for things that I can do to take my mind off of pain and symptoms. 

I have always loved arts & crafts so I began to look for something simple enough that I could also pick up and put down. I also wanted something that my girls could try with me. In my search for different lettering techniques, I discovered Zentangles. God led me to a wonderful place. 

Some time I hope to be able to purchase your Zentangle
kit and book. I am thankful for the newsletters and other
free resources. 

Thank you for taking the time to develop Zentangle and its

Sincerely, E

Hello Rick and Maria,

I am having so much fun teaching Zentangle art!  I love enriching the lives of others.

I offered a workshop at my church in January.  During Lent, the Presbyterian Church encourages us to "Take Up Lent" by doing something we don't usually do.  My something is to get some of the tanglers in the church together three times during Lent to make cards for those on the church prayer list.  We each choose a person to receive the card, then think about and pray for that person as we create a tile.  We mount the tile on a card, add a stamped message and a personal message about the Zentangle tile, and mail the card.

Our pastors have responded very positively to this new ministry in our church.  I've attached a couple of photos. Thanks for all the blessings I continue to receive from Zentangle Art!

Ginny Lockhart, CZT 15



I received my order today. Thank you! The way it was packaged was like opening a special present. Very nicely done. 

Thank you so much!  --D


I started tangling a little on my own last Fall.  There are no teachers in my area [South Dakota] ... but this month I was lucky enough to be able to go to Denver, CO for a day.


I contacted a CZT who was nearest to where we were staying.  She graciously arranged to meet with me and she answered my questions, demonstrated the correct way to tangle and spent almost two hours helping me. [What a shock to find that erasers were a no-no!]


I did purchase the Zentangle kit and a few more supplies from her. But she gave me so much more by spending time with me to guide me in the right technique of tangling.


I am practicing each day and enjoying this new endeavor. 


Many thanks to both of you for sharing your creativity with others and to Irena for being so generous with her time & supplies with me. 


-- P


"L" from Hungary sends a rixty-mooka tangleation:

Tray Bien, Merci!

We bought an old serving tray and Maria transformed it into something "tray bien"!

Enjoy more pictures and read the background story and add your comments to this blog post

2015 CZT Seminars Update

Our Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) training seminars in 2015 have only a handful of day spaces left. Day students enjoy the same seminar experience, they just stay at nearby hotels (Martha has a list).

As of last night we had 1 day space available in the first April seminar, 3 in the second; 5 day spaces available in the first June seminar and 2 in the second. 

Occasionally people do cancel, so if you still wish to attend, we recommend getting on a wait list as spaces occasionally open up.

For more information on this program, visit this link


Thank you again to everyone who continues to share their creativity and stories of their Zentangle adventures with us and each other in this beautiful, world-wide Zentangle mosaic!



Best always,

Rick, Maria, Bijou and all of us at Zentangle 




Bijou wishes everyone a happy "pi" day!









About Zentangle

The Zentangle Method is an easy
to learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

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