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May 3, 2013


We're excited to share a new tangle with you. We call it schway.


We also have some other great notes and images to show you.







New Tangle: schway
Rick writes:
During my high school years, I worked at a summer camp in Maine. While there, I also learned to make silver jewelry.

One of the pieces I made was a necklace pendant with a design that looked like . . .

I don't remember if it was my idea or if I saw it someplace, but its metaphor was appealing - put enough arrows in one direction and you create an arrow going in the opposite direction.

A couple weeks ago I thought about that piece and wondered if there might be a tangle in there.

There was!
We call it . . .

This tangle can be stark and minimalist . . .

. . . or its inner sections can be textured. Here I'm playing around, exploring possibilities:

Some of the grey is pencil, some is a grey Fabrico™ marker. That black shading slash is charcoal. On this series, I experimented with a charcoal pencil for shading. It's less reflective than graphite and I thought it might make photographing the tiles easier.

I didn't like it at all. It was blunt and imprecise. It was difficult and unpleasant to smudge . . . back to pencil!

In this next tile, instead of using right angles in my initial lines, I used a more acute angle to create a dovetail effect.



Here's one from Molly. I love how she morphed that top edge of schway into betweed.



You can also use schway as a border. 



Its name is derived from the different sounds that are created when words are run together in our English language. Just as "Did you eat?" turns into "Jeet?"; we turned "Which way?" (with a bit of artistic stretching) into



Maria pointed out that it's also pronounced as many people in this part of our country pronounce "shui" in "Feng Shui." Feng Shui, a Chinese developed study that addresses, in part, physical layouts of buildings and furnishings, literally means "wind - water." 


The character to the above left is "feng" or "wind" and the character below is "shui" or "water."


In an interesting coincidence that character for "shui" (water) includes two arrows going in opposite directions. 


Schway is also an example of tiling and it provides a good entry point for exploring tiling and tessellation. Another example of a Zentangle created tessellation can be seen on this blog post.


We look forward to seeing what you create with schway






Here are some beautiful images and words that tanglers around this world have sent us. Enjoy!
Attached is an image of a hooked rug that I finished recently. It went from my hand to the even weave backing with the same flow that a string is put on a tile. Then I hooked this piece exactly as if I were tangling, one strip of wool cloth at a time. I chose to add one other color, gold, therefore the title Precious Metals. The end result is proudly hung on a wall in my dining room. 
It measures 36 x 18 inches and every loop was pure pleasure and relaxation.  So Rick and Maria thank you so much for your inspiration and talents.  I am glad you are so sharing. 
-- BC     
Thank you. I am having so much fun with this 'new' art form. I have been trying to learn 'art' for years but your method is the thing that is helping me with fine motor control as well as understanding techniques such as shading, overlapping, design, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  :)
-- JM     
I have known about Zentangle for a while now but saw it again recently on "The Quilt Show." I want to take a class so I am setting one up with a local CZT for my quilt guild. We are all very excited! 
-- KG [from a comment on our blog entry, R.S.V.P]      
Hi Maria and Rick,

I am a CZT in Carson City, Nevada. Thought you might like these photos for your Zentangle Blog!


A local art gallery that I am affiliated with asked a few of it's artists to make lawn art from a used tricycle.  These tricycles will be auctioned off later this month to raise money for a local charity.  

Though this was quite an undertaking, I had a lot of fun doing it! 

Kindest regards,
Audrey Markowitz, CZT 

P.S.  My Zentangle classes draw folks from Tahoe and Reno, and they are always full!   I LOVE teaching Zentangle!!!


I'm a teacher in a fourth grade classroom. I purchased the Zentangle Apprentice Classroom Pack, and my kids love, love Zentangling. We made a beautiful composite piece for the Art Auction. It sold within the first few minutes for $500! We're making two more composites as thank yous to special folks who have helped in the homeroom this year. Thank you.      
-- BH     
Since I love to learn new styles of art, just a few weeks ago, my husband registered me and my son for a Zentangle class, offered by one of your certified Zentangle instructors here in Sacramento.  My son (also an artist) definitely enjoyed himself, but I was immediately struck with this new type of art.  It is very different than anything I have ever done before, but I absolutely love it!  I even feel like I have discovered a completely new artist in myself.
I have attached scans of several of my individual tiles so that you can see some of my zentangles.  I have also begun experimenting with combining these zentangle patterns with my love of pencil drawings and fantasy art and I am in love with the results.  




Thank you for sharing your discovery.


-- HLM     
[Edit: Emphasis added. We love that comment!] 
Dear Rick and Maria,


I want to thank you for the gift of Zentangle.  It is an inspiration and a joy.


I discovered Zentangle at the end of last year. The Zentangle method simply resonated with me and I was instantly hooked.


I have always struggled with drawing and being far too critical of my own work. No doubt due to lack of confidence, so I usually get involved with various textile crafts. Sometimes it's just the process. The repetitive act of knitting is soothing and meditative, it puts me in the zone. 


I am also fascinated by the mathematics of patterns in nature, fractals, the places where art and science meet, the total interconnectedness of everything in the universe, the way reality unfolds and the immense power of love and intention. 


Zentangle is helping me go further with everything I do, deepening my experience and generating new ideas. 




My heartfelt gratitude goes out to you both for this amazing gift, it could not have come at a better time.


Love and Light, -- D     




This is my first large zentangle.


I hope to do many more. I also hope to get my grand children interested. I taught oil painting for years,but this type of art can be done by anyone and is much cheaper to do. 
Thanks so much. -- SA     


Tried to figure out how to get my review of your new book on your website.  Decided to just send it through email. 

Thanks so much for sending the book so I could review it.  You did a wonderful job on it.  Can't wait to meet you all.

Wow, what a treat the new book (The Book of Zentangle) is!  I've gone through it about 3 times now and catch something different each time.  Thanks for creating such a unique book; I practically feel like I know you both.




I must say . . . I scanned over the inner covers of the front and back for awhile after first opening it; gorgeous turquoise and greens washed over some great tangles and a splash of red zingers here and there.  Inside the book, Maria mostly displays her talents with Zentangle patterns on the left pages and Rick did most of the 'talking' throughout the book.


So of course, I had to leaf through the entire book and look at all the tangles before finally beginning to read.  The first page, breaking the technique down so simply that anyone could understand.  Stories are intermingled with instructions; towards the back of the book, exercises and projects for us to try.  More stories, testimonials, list of resources and products in the back.


Don't expect this to be like most of the other Zentangle books out there.  It's very different and intriguing.  


Enjoy!  I did!

-- Dusty Darrah (soon to be CZT)    



Thank you all for sending those!

If you haven't visited our BLOG-Zentangle recently, please take a moment to drop by.


Maria has been creating some great posts and we're having lots of fun with images and words . . . and giveaways!


Thank you for sharing this wonderful adventure with us.





Best always,


Rick and Maria 






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