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October 27, 2012


We are gradually settling into a more familiar routine after seminar and releasing our first book. We still owe you pictures and images from seminar and we'll get to that in a future newsletter. But in this newsletter we have a new tangle to share with you. We call it called bunzo.



New Tangle: bunzo

Maria came up with this dynamic tangle which we are calling bunzo. You may have seen this appearing in some of her tiles lately.
I say "dynamic" because it is approximately 50/50 black and white. It is a great tangle to shade and it "grows" nicely to fill almost any string. 
Most elegantly, this tangle is created by using just one elemental shape.

Here are some tiles using bunzo:

In this next one, which melds with our tangle IX, you can see a variation of bunzo done without filling in its alternate sections. 

Usually we'll see a pattern and then deconstruct it to create a tangle. With bunzo, it was the other way around; Maria first developed the tangle, then we started see it elsewhere.

This example is a scrunchable necklace or bracelet that we've adapted here as a Zentangle tile holder:

Here's a picture of some nested bowls on our stove:

We love how this tangle continues to appear in unexpected places.


The Book of Zentangle


We are thrilled with the feedback we're receiving on our book because those comments suggest that this book is communicating those messages and ideas we wanted to convey.

Here's a small sampling:

The more I look at/read The Book of Zentangle, the more I feel the book itself as a Zentangle. I savor the pages, finding something new I hadn't seen before, listening to what it might be asking me to do or see. This beautiful book is more than a story, it's the feeling of Zentangle as only Rick and Maria could express. This book is a gift to all who already love this art form, and a gift awaiting anyone who still hasn't discovered it.
Carole Ohl, CZT
This wonderful behind-the-scenes look at Zentangle includes the story of its origins, a description of the tools and the method, a discussion of the practice of Zentangle with exercises and projects, and fascinating stories and comments from Rick and Maria themselves. More than that, of course, it is filled with pages and pages of wonderful artwork for us all to be inspired by and aspire to. - Linda Farmer, CZT 
You have produced a gorgeous, inspiring, wonderful book!!!   - RP
Your new Zentangle book is amazing. It is such an inviting book to pick up, read, or browse through. -Sue
I just received my copy of your book and loved every word, every illustration. I gobbled up every page at once and know I will read it again and again. I am so happy you created this marvelous collection of art and philosophy. Thank you for the hours of relaxed attention I enjoy while tangling. -D

Dear Rick and Maria! My first book arrived a couple of days ago and I love it so much that I just have to do my Christmas shopping now! :)   It's so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes and not just once...The writing is crystal clear, precise and poetic! I felt like you were talking to me in my living room and the artwork is incredibly gorgeous! BRAVO! Thank you, -A
Thank you so much for writing 'The Book of Zentangle.' I've read it from cover to cover and again from cover to cover. What really blows me away is how you create an extraordinary connection between the reader and the content of the book. Rick's inspiring words make all the images come to life. And Maria's amazing artwork adds so much 'voice' to the written words. In other words: you don't read this book, you experience it.   - Jella Vrelst, CZT 

Hardcover, 146 pages, 6 x 9.5 inches (150 x 240 mm), full color, with bibliography and index. 
You can comment and ask questions on this blog entry that we've set up to discuss our book. This blog entry also has more and larger images as well as additional information about our book.


If you know of a bookstore in your community that you think might enjoy carrying our book, please invite them to email us at rickandmaria@zentangle.com for terms and pricing.

If you know of someone who might like to review The Book of Zentangleplease invite them also to email us.




Here's some mail we've recently received.


Hi, my name is "A". My life has been on hold for the last 6 years. Then I had the best stroke of luck. One of the girls in my pilates class did her CZT training. I'm now an addict. I started tangling with my nephews, then I was asked to be "mother's help" in a class (a 1-2 composite). 

I go in once a fortnight. The kids and their teacher are addicted too. We recently got Apprentice. Just love rain. Looks fantastic on rocks. Best bit, one boy who has fine motor problems and shocking hand writing took to paradox and was ecstatic, he even got to help his teacher because she couldn't master it. The whole class gave him a spontaneous round of applause. 

I tangle now every chance I get and am eagerly spreading the joy. I am getting back my creativity. Think you will see me in one of your seminars soon. I want to promote this in mental health. A form of meditation that actually occupies even a mind as busy as mine is brilliant and as a user of the mental health system I know I can connect with patients. 

It has given me a purpose which is very exciting. I'm including a PDF of some name tags I created for my kids.

I'm actually enjoying life now, thank you. 



I taught a 3-day class on Zentangle with Botanical Motifs. It was great!  I did the group tangle exercise and we made some amazing tiles. 

I just want to share your amazing and effective method of de-stressing with the bonus of creating incredible tiny art treasures; soul reflections, whatever. It sure works for me. I'm a practicing tangler and can't live without it; as an artist, as a person. Thank you for that gift that I want to pass on.

Enclosed is a picture of our group tangles that I'm so proud of. The students grasped the whole concept quickly because of their illustration background, but all agreed that "zentangling" will increase their confidence with line and improve their overall drawing skills. 


Annie Reiser, CZT 




Thanks again for enjoying this wonderful adventure with us.
We're getting back to a more regular schedule on our blog and we look forward to seeing you there.


With best regards,


Rick and Maria







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Zentangle is an easy to learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

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