Sacred Space

As I spent time with my IACED colleagues traveling throughout the state this month helping facilitate Affinity group conversations, an interesting theme weaved throughout discussions during microenterprise, human services solutions, housing counseling, and individual development accounts groups. We understood the importance and power of connection in our communities.

Justin Peterson of Pathfinder Services, Inc. stated that now is the time to begin applying our efforts toward how to best work together in our communities. It is essential to create a framework that does not rely on government funding but instead uses one another in a continuum. Ultimately knowing what is available in each county and community better equips organizations and businesses to lift community members up to become economically successful.


For example, a steady and successful partnership in Evansville between Old National Bank and HOPE of Evansville has shown to be a positive step forward for a marginalized population. The program is called Project Change. Old National representatives teach inmates about financial issues and budgeting while also receiving financial counseling from HOPE to help them budget and learn about affordable housing options. By creating a pipeline of referrals and strong relationships with community members creates continuity as each barrier to gaining assets is tackled.


The Jewish philosopher Martin Bubar states that our relationship lives in the space between us, it doesn't live in me or in you, not even in the dialogue between us, it lives in the space that we live together, and it is sacred space." It is essential to begin and continue building on relationships in our communities, to think of them as sacred because it is our job in this world to help one another.  I hope the Network can be a platform for these connections to flourish.


Thank you for being an ally to the Network.

Kelsey Clayton
Network Manager
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Coalition Building with Family Resource Managers

I had the opportunity to speak with a group of Purdue Extension Family Resource Managers (FRM) during an event early this month. I met with them to discuss the Indiana Assets & Opportunity Network as we try to build a cohesive coalition. We envision having dedicated educators in each county throughout the state to be allies for the Network to help inform, educate, and convene around issues related to asset-building for Hoosiers. We are excited to begin planning forums and webinars focused on innovative savings options available to low-income families, opportunities surrounding financial capabilities in your area, and conversations on how communities can better learn what consumers and clients need. The Network is eager to cultivating this partnership with FRM educators, and we can't wait to see what we can do together!


The CFPB is making large strides to protecting and educating consumers, click the links below to learn of some of the exciting updates.


Policy Priorities and Updates in Indiana

2015 spring session wrapped up on April 29. You will find a summary of bills that either moved through or sat still such as child care vouchers, 2-1-1 funding, and consumer protection bills, asset limit removal for snap, from Indiana Association for Community Economic Development and Indiana Institute for Working Families.

State legislature focused so much on refining educational systems without looking at the economic situations of families. This is why it is so important that we continue our advocacy work.


Interim Study Committees have been assigned but bills have not been allocated.  We will keep you posted as summer studies move forward.


Consolidated Plan Offical Comments

Every five years the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires grantees to identify and respond to housing and economic needs within their communities. It is the job of advocacy organizations to use the comment period to express concerns on how the federal government prioritizes program funding for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Home Investments Partnership Program, Emergency Solutions Grant, and the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) programs.


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