July 31, 2012
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Exploring CimatronE Series

IMTS: Beyond Being There

Why Dealing with Difficult Colleagues Will Lead to Happier Customers

The Domino Effect of Precision Die Changes

Exploring CimatronE Series

Exploring CimatronE  

Our NEW Exploring CimatronE series of videocasts outlines some of the CimatronE solutions that are guaranteed to enhance your CAD/CAM performance, improving your production and delivery time and the quality of your product.


Each video is only a few minutes long.


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For exhibitors (like Cimatron & Gibbs and Associates), the upcoming 2012 IMTS is quite the milestone of planning and anticipation.  But, for the many of you who are extremely busy with day-to-day activities, is it worth taking time away from the shop? Based on past experience, the answer is a resounding YES! Here are some reasons why as well as tools to help you maximize your time at the show.


Businesses have their problems. Because we're all human and have faults, it's not uncommon for shops to be faced with personnel challenges from time to time. Ignoring such issues (though easier initially) can have a negative impact greater than you might think. Why dealing with difficult colleagues will lead to happier customers.


All eyes are on London now where the 2012 Olympics are already underway. Thanks to green packaging and a big commitment from the games, something we won't see from this Olympics is landfill waste.


Die shops can now eliminate waste of a different kind (wasted time) by embracing new ways of doing things. For Rheem Water Heating plant in Montgomery, AL, a quick-die-change (QDC) program has boosted productivity for die setters working on three of the plant's biggest mechanical presses.


Check out this video gallery for ways to eliminate time from your die design processes

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IMTS:  Beyond Being There


Why take time out of a busy schedule to visit IMTS?


Here's why. 

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Why Dealing with "Difficult" Colleagues Will Lead to Happier Customers offers advice for keeping employees happy.

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Improve customer service through employee content.



Olympic Rings

London 2012: Going Green is the New Gold   


London 2012 became the first Olympic and Paralympic Games to commit to a zero-waste-to-landfill target. 

Read the story.


DominoThe Domino Effect of Precision Die Changes


A quick-die-change (QDC) program has boosted productivity for die setters.



Learn how.