March 17, 2017

19 Adar 5777

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     Parshat Ki Tisa
Candle Lighting at 7:12 PM
Strength In Contributions
In the beginning of this week's parsha, the Torah gives very specific instructions for taking a population census of the Jewish nation: we should not count each individual Jew but rather ask each Jew to donate a half-shekel so that we can count the Jews by counting the coins. The Torah warns that only by doing the census this way do we avoid a plague. Why would counting each individual cause a plague?  Rabbi Jonathan Sacks offers a beautiful interpretation. The usual reason for taking a census is to measure strength, whether in economic terms, military might, or simply demographics. The assumption underlying every census is that there is strength in numbers. Says Rabbi Sacks, "The danger in counting Jews is that if they believed even for a moment that there is strength in numbers, the Jewish people would long ago have given way to despair." Instead of counting people, the Torah instructs that we should ask Jews to give and then calculate their contributions. Although we are small in number, our contributions to the world stand out as extraordinary.

Although our strength is not measured only in numbers, I want to remind everyone about a wonderful Parenting Program that we are co-sponsoring this Sunday at BRS. See the flyer below. I hope that we can make contributions to the program by participating and showing our numbers!

Thank you to the Highlites staff for their creativity in this Purim Edition, please click on the links below for the sights and sounds from last week's Purim Chagigah!

Shabbat Shalom.
Rabbi Jonathan Kroll
Head of School
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Mera (Seligman '02) and Akiva Wienerkur on the birth of their son, Yosef Yehuda.

Leah (Bensimon '07) and Dan Abittan on the birth of a son.

Chava (Rubin '07) and Aaron Schultz on the birth of their daughter, Yakira Leora. 
Zevi Litwin ('13) on his engagement to Alexandra Rubin from Lawrence, NY.  
Aliza Wallerstein ('09)
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