March 4, 2016

24 Adar I 5776


     Parshat Vayak'hel 
Candle Lighting at 6:06 PM
Individual Strengths and Roles
The four teams that competed in color war this week each represented a different trait described in Pirkei Avot. Who is the person who is actually wise (team chachmah), rich (team osher) respected (team kavod), and strong (team gevurah)? It was amazing to see everyone pushing themselves to the bounds of creativity over the two and a half days of color war!

The mishna in Pirkei Avot that the color war teams were based on teaches: "איזהו עשיר השמח בחלקו"--"Who is the rich person? He who is satisfied with his part" (Avot 4:1). The Slonimer Rebbe notes that this mishna seems to promote a sense of complacency or mediocrity.  Is the mishna actually suggesting that we should be happy with what we have and never strive for anything greater? Instead of the standard interpretation, the Slonimer Rebbe reads it differently. Who is the rich person? Not he who is satisfied with his part, rather he who recognizes his own personal strengths and his own individual role in the world. "Chelko" does not refer to his wallet but to his purpose. The mishna does not teach us how to be wealthy but how to be rich. The challenge is to discover what makes each of us unique, what is our personal "chelek," and how we can live up to our individual mission in life.
Color war is an opportunity to show creativity and to contribute in ways that help each student discover his or her own voice and passion. Artists, athletes, musicians, engineers, managers, leaders, scholars, and so many more contribute competitively and with good sportsmanship. It was beautiful to see so many students find their own "chelek" as they participated and created an environment of ruach and creativity. Thank you to the color war coordinating committee: Mrs. Shira Englander, Mrs. Amy Horowitz, and Rabbi Danny Kroll for your inventiveness and organizational acumen!  Thank you to Mrs. Claudia Cohen, Zachary Cohen, Moshe Kaminetsky and Ariel Schneider for their expert photography and videography which ensured that the memories of this year's color war will last forever. And thank you to the captains of each team for your tireless work on behalf of your teams:
Eliana Loskove, Elie Zaghi, and Leora Kroll for team Osher.
Shuli Mayer, Saul Len, and Jeremy Purow for team Chachmah.
Yael Frank, Mikey Pearl, and Vida Romano for team Gevurah.
Chaya Cohen, Josh Bakst, and Alec Gelman for winning team Kavod.
Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Jonathan Kroll
Head of School
Upcoming Events
Wed. March 16
Parent Teacher Conferences 
Good and Welfare
Rivka (Fuchs '10) and Yonatan Siev on the birth of a girl, Ashira Libi. 

Shalva Ginsparg ('11) to Eli Muschel

Alix Greenberger ('10) to Adam Markoff

Simcha Adelman ('12) to Sarah Masel

Sahar Zaghi ('06) to Zach Werthheimer

Rivka Pearlstein ('12) to Gilad Mordekovich
     Meet the Teams    
Pirkei Avot Serves as Inspiration for this Year's Team Names
Graphic by Simcha Stadlan ('16)
Classics with a Twist  
Students Revel in Color War Versions of Chopped, Foosball and Hungry Hungry Hippos 

Graphic by Gabi Frohlich ('17)
Amazing Race  
Unique Relay Race Tests Resolve of Color War Teams
Graphic by Ariel Schneider ('16)
Sports Competitions  
Tuesday Morning Competitions at Loggers Run Park a Staple of Color War

Graphic by Simcha Stadlan ('16) 
The Color War Matrix 
Graphic by Ariella Mamann ('16) 
Junkyard Wars 
Combining Mathematical Equations, Laws of Physics and Woodwork, Students Build Marshmallow Launching Catapults

Graphic by Tamar Ciment ('16) 
And the Winner Is...
Team Kavod Outlasts Gevurah, Osher and Chachmah in Hard Fought Color War

Graphic by Akiva Stadlan ('19) Noa Markovitz ('19) 
Final Presentations 
 Click on the Images Below to Watch Each Teams' Final Presentations 

Color War Slideshow 
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