December 4, 2015

22 Kislev 5776


     Parshat Vayeishev
Candle Lighting at 5:10 PM
Ensuring Our Children Do the Right Thing
Among the challenging situations that confront Yosef in this week's parsha is his encounter with the wife of Potiphar. The Torah describes how she tried to seduce Yosef and then framed him. The midrash adds more color to the story by suggesting that Yosef was about to succumb to her advances but that he was able to withstand the temptation as the image of his father Yaakov appeared in his mind. When thinking of his father, Yosef found the resolve to do the right thing. Rav Yaakov Kaminetzky, in his Emet L'Yaakov, describes how this midrash offers a powerful message for us as parents and educators. Rav Kaminetzky points out that parents and educators need to make sure that we develop close relationships with our children and our students so that when they think of us, they want to do the right thing. Parents and educators must strive to be like Yaakov, so that when our children imagine us in their minds, they will feel connected to our value systems and want to continue along the path that we've charted for them. By genuinely loving our students, respecting them deeply, and caring for their personal and spiritual well-being, we as educators can help ensure that our students see the beauty of a life committed to Hashem and His Torah. This attitude is the standard to which we hold ourselves as educators at YHS, and I believe it's the attitude that will help guide our students in the right direction.

Thank you to the staff of Highlites for putting together another stellar edition. I hope that everyone is able to gain a glimpse into the wonderful educational opportunities that our students are engaged in as they are guided toward a path of growth and discovery.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Jonathan Kroll
Head of School
Upcoming Events
Sat. Dec. 5
Freshman Parent  Melava Malka

Dec. 6-14 

Wed. Dec. 9

Talent Show

Fri. Dec. 11
No School

Mon. Dec. 21 College 101 for Juniors, 7PM

Tues. Dec. 29 College Financial Aid Workshop, 7PM
Good and Welfare
Jackie (Berger '10) and Yehuda Neuman on the birth of a boy

Zack ('10) and Shira Baratz on the birth of a girl

Amanda (Markovitch '07) and Simon Benishai on the birth of a girl

Jordana Kaminetsky ('07) to Simon Bernstein

Becky Shachter ('12) to Jonathan Odinsky

Faculty Mazel Tovs
Dr. Michael & Mrs. Ora Lee Kanner on the birth of a grandson

Michael Schiffman on the passing of his father Theodore Schiffman
Sarah Kowal on the passing of her mother Bertha Greenwald
David Schneider on the passing of his father Shlomo Schneider
Chani Dennis on the passing of her mother Eveline Kranzler
Alumni in the News
Jared Samilow ('14) had his editorial, "On Campus, pro-Palestinian Activists Want to Cow Israel Supporters into Silence," published by Ha'aretz.

Open House
Eighth Graders and Parents Get a Glimpse of Life at YHS
Graphic by Tamar Ciment ('16)
Article by Mayrav Sakethou (Prospective Student)

Last Sunday, as I walked into the YHS Open House, I could feel the excitement in the air. All of the YHS students were so nice and friendly as well as the staff. After signing in, the parents and the incoming ninth grade all came into the ballroom. There, we heard some amazing speeches, watched a video from some YHS students, and heard a little bit about the application process. As the excitement kept growing we were all invited to watch some curriculum presentations. I cannot choose a favorite out of the five presentations because each teacher was as passionate about their lesson as the next. After the outstanding presentations were over we were taken back to the ballroom to hear about athletic programs available. Finally, we were placed into groups and we went around the room to hear about each club. The band played in the background was amazing as was every presentation. I'm looking forward to next year!

Junior, Dalya Rubin Begins Campaign to Remember Victims of Terror
Graphic by Akiva Stadlan ('19) and Noa Markovitz ('19)
Article by Dalya Rubin ('17)

Over the past few weeks, we have been discussing, both in school and at homes, therecent terrorist attacks in Israel, Paris and now California. I have been trying to figure out what I can do to make a difference in a way that is meaningful to me. 
I love to bake, and that I have a baking Youtube channel, It's Raining Flour. I had been trying to figure out this entire week how I can incorporate my love for baking into a way to remember the victims. Then it hit me, #BaketoRemember
#BaketoRemember is a campaign I have created where everyone chooses an individual victim of terror, bakes a dessert to commemorate that victim and decorates it based on a personality trait or any information you could find about that person. The next step is to share their picture on Facebook, Instagram, or/and Twitter with a small caption about their victim, including #BaketoRemember. Everyone should also share the video to spread the word. 
Please help me keep each individual terrorist victim's memory alive by taking part in #BaketoRemember.  While it takes a bit of time to bake, the 30 minutes out of your day will be well worth it.
Final Journey Program Concludes
Panel Discussion of Chevra Kadisha Volunteers Closes Out 
2nd Year of Innovative Program
Graphic by Ariel Schneider ('17)
Article by Maya Borzak ('16)

The school's decision to have the Final Journey classes for seniors reflects YHS's dedication to personal growth and communal recognition. Throughout the course, we heard from various speakers from various levels of observance-- Rochel Berman of Boca, Kenneth Lassman of Gutterman-Warheit Funeral Homes, or the panel discussion of Chevra Kadisha workers in our final class--all dedicated to the single communal responsibility of the chevra: respecting the dead and the life the person has lived. 
It was inspiring to hear from so many different people with such different experiences in similar fields, all doing their part to contribute to the community in the most genuine ways--without receiving anything in return, as it is chesed shel emet. Interestingly, one of the panel speakers noted that the members of the chevra were not only members within that chesed "club," but they are also involved with many other communal activities and chesed committees, letting us know that these members are the foundation for our community.
We call the classes the "Final Journey," referring to the "final journey" of the body the chevra is dealing with, yet for us, this was anything but the Final Journey; it is a glimpse of the world after high school, replete with communal leadership, Jewish responsibility, and tradition. 
Humans of YHS
With the 1st Trimester in the Books, Freshmen and Seniors Reflect    
Graphic by Ariella Mamman ('16)
Thank You
Thank you to the following families who have donated money for the Faculty Chanukah gift.  Please email Shimmie Kaminetsky at  no later than this Monday morning, to add your name to the list.  Suggested amount is $36 per child.  Donations of any amount will be acknowledged and included.

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