September 11, 2015

27th of Elul 5775


     Parshat Nitzavim
Candle Lighting at 7:11 PM
A Product of Your Environment
The Torah's timeless messages speak to every generation. So why, when speaking of the mitzvah of teshuva, does the Torah use the odd formulation that God will open "your heart and the heart of your children" -- "ומל ה׳ את לבבך ואת לבב זרעך"? The Sefat Emet asks why the Torah couldn't have said more simply: "you will do teshuva," and we would have understood that the promise of teshuva applied equally to everyone, both parents and children.
The Sefat Emet explains that the Torah is teaching us that we are all deeply influenced by our environment. When parents do teshuva, it becomes more likely that their children will do teshuva as well. The influence of role models and of the environment in which we develop plays a critical role in defining our personalities.
At YHS, we aim to provide our students with a rich learning environment, a broad array of co-curricular activities, warm and caring teachers, and an overall hashkafa of love and excitement for Hashem and His Torah. As parents and as educators, we all want our children to make the right decisions and to follow the path that we have begun to chart for them. As our adolescents emerge as adults, they will forge their own paths. I believe that the education and environment that we provide will deeply influence our students and set them in the right direction that will ultimately lead to all of us, both parents and children, coming closer to God.
I want to thank the entire school community: teachers, students, and parents for working together to create this environment. May we all merit to have a sweet new year filled with joy, good health, inspiration and growth.
Shabbat Shalom and Shanah Tova
Rabbi Jonathan Kroll
Head of School
Upcoming Events
Sept. 14-15
Rosh Hashanah Break

Wed. Sept. 16
Tzom Gedalia
2:15 pm Dismissal

Sept. 22-23
Yom Kippur Break

Fri. Sept. 25
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Good and Welfare
Michel Skura ('08) to Chani Jalus

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Graphic by Simcha Stadlan ('16) 
Eat, Pray, Learn
YHS Students Attend Inspirational Selichot Program

Graphic by Tamar Ciment ('16) and Noa Markovitz ('19)
Article by Jonathan Leff ('17)

This past Saturday night, YHS held its annual Selichot program at Brauser Maimonides Academy in Hollywood. We all gathered for pizza and donuts, followed by an introductory video clip from the television show Seinfeld.  In the clip, one of the characters, George, decides that all of the decisions he has made in life have been wrong, and he resolves to change his ways by doing the exact opposite of what his instincts told him to do.  Following the clip, we got together in small groups to learn with YHS faculty members. Afterwards, we had the pleasure of hearing from Rabbi Rael Blumenthal, a new rebbe at YHS and rabbi of Boca Raton Synagogue West, who spoke about the importance of being aware of our goals in life and making sure that our actions are always in line with the objectives we set for ourselves. After an incredible evening, the program concluded with the recitation of Selichot together. Overall, it was an inspiring night and a fantastic way to kick-start the upcoming new year.

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Fall Sports
YHS Storm Football and Volleyball Seasons Begin
Graphic by Ariel Schneider ('17)  and Azi Genet ('16)

Steps to Success 
Seniors Learn about the Application Process at College 201

Graphic by Aaron Senfeld ('17)   
CSI: Yeshiva
Seniors Study Forensics in Brand New Science Class 
Graphic by Ariella Mamann ('16) and Akiva Stadlan ('19)
Interview by Matthew A. Samilow ('17)

Mrs. Hegna teaches an introductory class in forensics. I sat down with her to discuss the details of the course.
Matthew A. Samilow: What was the genesis of your interest in the forensics field?
Mrs. Elizabeth Hegna: While I was in college studying human physiology, I took a position at the university's cadaver lab as a prosector. After that, I volunteered in a morgue and fell in love with the human body and forensics.
MAS: What is an example of a lab you do in class?
MEH: In a few days we are going to be doing a hair analysis lab, so I asked my students to take samples from their hairbrushes at home and bring them to class so we can look at the hair under a microscope.
MAS: What are your favorite crime shows?
MEH: My favorite fictional crime show is Bones, while my favorite reality crime show is First 48 Hours. The latter follows investigators during the first 48 hours after the discovery of a body.

Graphic by Shara Saketkhou ('16)   
This Week in Pictures

Graphic by Dovi Teitlebaum ('16) 

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