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November - December 2014
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President's Message
Robert E. Alberti, Ph.D.
"Dancing With Our Stars" Update
Jeannie Malik
Art Exhibits Update 
Home Sweet Anywhere~ Special Event!

 Librarian's Message
Joe Laurenzi
Children's and Adult's Program Calendar
FOAL Board members, Atascadero Library staff and Dancing With Our Stars participants--current and past--boogied their way along the parade route to honor the success of the Friends' annual fundraising event and generate interest for this coming year's two-evening "dining and dancing" gala in March at the Atascadero Lake Pavilion.  Thanks to Jeannie Malik, sponsors, volunteers and participants for the many hours dedicated to the fabulous entry that garnered 3rd place in the event!  (See below to access photo gallery of the event)

Board President Robert Alberti
President's Message 
Robert E. Alberti, Ph.D.

Are you involved in Friends of the Library activities?  If not, you may not realize how dynamic and energetic this group is on behalf of our library.  It's a challenge to keep up with all that's going on!

During National Friends of the Library Week, October 19-25, we gained more than a dozen new members of FOAL with a table in the library lobby. Now, if each current Friend would bring in a friend . . .

While I'm on the subject of membership, is yours current for 2014-2015?  Remember, our membership year is from July 1 to June 30.  Go to the FOAL website, www.friendsoftheatascaderolibrary.org and click on "Help Us."  Or drop your check for $12 annual membership (individual) or $24 (family) in the mail to P.O. Box 561, 93423.

Vice President and
"Dancing With Our Stars" Chair
Jeannie Malik
Vice President and "Dancing With Our Stars" 
Event Chair Jeannie Malik

The FOAL Dance committee kicked off October with construction of a float for Atascadero's annual Colony Days Parade.  Community Star dancers, choreographers, FOAL members and Atascadero Library staff joined forces and created a lovely float celebrating our past and present community star dancing heroes for raising over $330,000 in support of our new library. The float was the design creation of Frank Sanchez and merely a vision two weeks prior to the event.  Over 25 volunteers spent several hours at our home the two weekends prior to the parade creating the float.  We definitely had artists and craftsmen amongst our talented group.  

The four-part parade entry included Library staff and FOAL members leading the way, then 2015 dancers and choreographers riding on the float, dancers from past years following the float carrying stars with the year they performed, and the entry finale was Bill O'Neil driving Buick's 50th Anniversary Roadmaster Skylark carrying Frank Sanchez, Artistic Director and me as the event chair. The float was a traveling advertisement for next year's event with signage,  "Save the dates for 2015: March 20th & 21st!"  Additional signage thanked American West Tire Pros for their generous loan of the flat bed we used for construction of our float. The entire experience from start to finish was a memorable one and folks are already discussing plans for next year's parade entry!  And, as a bonus, we earned 3rd place in the Civic Float category!  Thank you to all who participated in any way big or small. The teamwork made the dream work!

2015 Community Star Dancers and Instructors get "in the mood" 
at this year's Colony Days annual parade
Photo by Deborah Cash

Original Painting by Julie Dunn
Tempera batik painting on paper

                                                      Library Art Exhibits



Original works by award-winning Atascadero artist Julie Dunn will be exhibited in the adult section of the Atascadero Library in December and January.  Julie's art uses striking colors and compelling images in a unique style known as tempera batik.  Her subjects range from vineyard scenes to local flora and fauna and endangered animals.  For more information about her work, please consult her web site, JulieDunnFineArt.com.


The public is invited to a reception at the library on Thursday, December 4, from 5:30-7 p.m., to meet Julie and enjoy her work.  Light refreshments will be served.

Submitted by Eileen O'Grady





Pioneer of the 'Home Free' movement and author of the memoir "Home Sweet Anywhere" is slated to speak at the Atascadero Library this coming weekend.


Author and motivational speaker Lynne Martin will be featured at a special event in Atascadero on Saturday, November 8th.  Presented by the Atascadero Library and the Friends of the Atascadero Library, the free event will be held in the Martin Polin Community Room at the Library at 10am.


In 2011, Lynne Martin and her husband Tim sold their home, dispersed their belongings and set out on a journey that took them around the world. Their adventures - based on their personal mantra for life, "Postpone Nothing" - is the subject of Lynne's best-selling book - "Home Sweet Anywhere."


With just two suitcases, computers and each other, Lynne and Tim took their serious case of retirement wanderlust and started a global adventure. Traveling to Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Argentina, Mexico and France, Lynne's memoir "Home Sweet Anywhere" is a road map for anyone who would like to realize the dream of life abroad while postponing nothing.


The Martins have created a movement for retirees and baby boomers that was never an option in the past...what to eat, how to pay for the dream, where to set up a temporary home.


The Martins have been interviewed by PBS, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and other publications, and now bring their lively and entertaining stories home to the Central Coast.  


For further information about this program, contact the Atascadero Library at 805-461-6161


Library Activities bring education, fun and enjoyment 
to the entire community

Programs for Adults, Children and Teens

For December, besides story times, there will be the annual Teddy Bear Tea on Wednesday, December 10 from 4-6 pm for ages 6-11 (for boys and girls).  Space is limited--sign up at the main desk in advance!

Submitted by Joan Bloomfield, Youth Services

Librarian's Message
Joe Laurenzi, MLS
Regional Librarian, North County


Joe Laurenzi,
community star dancer
at this year's
Colony Days Parade
Photo by Deborah Cash

Dear Friends,

We cannot thank you enough for the work you did at Colony Days Parade. 3rd place! Congratulations and thank you. I so appreciate that the dancers, the FOAL and our Library volunteers and staff who worked to put together a community experience so fantastic for the Library. Cheers!

Writing this, I sit in my office listening to what can only be described as an "animated buzz,"  and feel warmed by the potential of the Library. First off, I am excited to for the FOAL-presented Library program "Home Sweet Anywhere" which I hope brings all of you to the Library for this unique author program. It is very exciting to have nationally acclaimed guests visit and we thank you for helping bring this group to our Library.

Secondly, our library art committee, our county partners Air Pollution Control and Outside in SLO have transformed the Library, through the end of November, into a place of exploration where books and art are alive and created a true Library interactive experience with over 12 programs dedicated to the idea of climate change. Julie Dunn is our featured artist in December/January. 

Read more, click here

DWOS Coordinator
Jeannie Malik
 and Artistic Director
Frank Sanchez enjoy their roles as promoters of the event in this year's Colony Days Parade.
Photo by Deborah Cash

View more photos of the Colony Days activities at our photo gallery!

Treasurer's Report 

As of December 1, 2014, the FOAL will welcome Shirley Summers as Treasurer taking over from Gere Sibbach who recently stepped down to work for the City of Atascadero.  The Treasurer's Report will resume with the January/February issue and those interested in viewing the 2013 990 Income Tax Filing can do so at the Friends website:  www.friendsoftheatascaderolibrary.org





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From cookbooks to classics, thrillers to current titles, magazines, videos and puzzles...the Library bookstore is a treasure trove that won't break your budget.  Bookstore Director (and FOAL Board member) Alice Rew and her cadre of volunteers can send you home with plenty to keep you busy and have you coming back for more.  

As a new grandmom, I am now headlong into (re)stocking a children's library in my home, having given away most of my own kids' books long ago.  In two recent visits to Alice's Bookstore, I scored! Nearly 20 great books--mostly for Mayzie's Library--but also for me, (Amy Tan's The Valley of Amazement for only $3.00) for under $20!   Alice's Bookstore is a fundraiser for the Friends of the Atascadero Library as well as a great resource for those wanting to recirculate their old reads for a good cause.  Go Alice!


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