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June 8, 2016

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Manifesto by the pond
Radical Joy for Hard Times manifesto on display at Red Lily Pond, Craigville, Massachusetts, Global Earth Exchange 2011. Photo by Steve Brown.
We make beauty for places we love that are under assault, because we want to give back to that which has given so much to us. However, acting without the need for your action to have some tangible outcome doesn't preclude surprising outcomes from occurring anyway.
Steve Brown belongs to a conservancy group in Craigville, Massachusetts whose mission is to protect Red Lily Pond, long under threat by developers. At their Global Earth Exchange, the group had a visit from a man known to be vocal about his conservative political leanings. Bristling with disapproval, the man informed Steve that he didn't like the word "radical" in our name. Steve suggested he read the manifesto that was taped to a card table near the water's edge and that posits that all places are worthy of attention. A few minutes later the man was back. "Well, I believe those things," he informed Steve. "That's right up my alley." He ended up staying for the event, which included conversations about what the pond meant to those present and making a bird out of twigs and grasses collected from the banks of the pond.
A few weeks later, when a development corporation submitted a proposal to construct a large illuminated dock over the water, Steve and other activists showed up in force at a hearing called to discuss the plan. They were surprised when the conservative neighbor entered the room, since he didn't usually get involved in local issues. The man stood before the commission and announced, "I'm a Republican and I don't believe in regulations, but this pond is too valuable to destroy."
It's not too late to join this year's Global Earth Exchange. You never know what might come of it! 

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