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May 11, 2016

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Candle in the dark
Red Candle by topher76 on Albumarium

As our story in the April 13 Radical Joy Revealed, about the revitalization of Jack Madigan Reserve in Australia makes plain, sometimes the simple act of caring for a damaged place can have important and far-reaching consequences.
Yet it is not for some future outcome that we attend to the places that we have loved and lost! We so do because our lives depend upon healing our current relationship with them!
A.J. Muste was a Dutch-born pacifist and anti-war activist who, during the Vietnam war, went every night to the front gate of the White House, where he lit a candle. One night a reporter asked him, "Mr. Muste, do you really think you are going to change the policies of this country by standing out here alone at night with a candle?" Muste allegedly replied, "Oh, I don't do it to change the country, I do it so the country won't change me."
We go to the places we love and mourn because we cannot create a better future until we heal our relationship with where we are right here and right now. And making a gift of beauty is a first vital and very empowering step to doing so.
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Radical Joy for Hard Times is a global community of people dedicated to finding and making beauty in wounded places. Reconnecting with these places, sharing our stories of loss, and making acts of beauty there, we transform the land, reconnect people and the places that nourish them, and empower ourselves to make a difference in the way we live on Earth. 
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