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February 24, 2016

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White pines
Eastern white pines. Photo by Edward Frank, Native Tree Society
Fran Weinbaum of Montpelier, Vermont has been hosting Global Earth Exchanges for many years. She also actively explores how finding and making beauty for wounded places can become a regular practice. Here she describes what happened last December:

Over the past week, I had been listening to the sounds of logging and seeing truckloads of white pine logs leave the land where Grandmother Pine stands. Each day I thought of Grandmother Pine and asked that she be protected. Yesterday it was quiet, so I went out to see what had been done. The area--maybe 4-5 acres--had been clear-cut, but at the very edge, I could see Grandmother still standing. I said out loud, "I will speak for you."

I drove over to the landowners' home and we talked about the logging. They had good reasons for what they were doing: opening up space and light for themselves and the surrounding forest. I talked about Grandmother Pine and how I had been visiting her for 25 years. My daughter and I had built fairy houses around her base. I asked that she be spared. The landowner said that he was not even sure that the tree was on his land. He also said he would go to see Grandmother Pine, so he knew which tree I was speaking for. I asked if could take some downed boughs for an Advent Spiral that I construct each year at the Old Meeting House in East Montpelier. Yes, of course, was the answer. I offered to bring my goats over to munch on things left behind. It was a good conversation and a nice connection with neighbors I did not know.

In speaking up for the tree loved, instead of simply worrying or being angry, Fran not only protected the tree but build a strong new relationship with her neighbors.  

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