5 Steps to Falling in Love
in an Unlikely Place  
5th Annual
Global Earth Exchange 
Saturday, June 21, 2014 

Radical Joy for Hard Times is a global community dedicated to finding and making beauty in wounded places. Reconnecting with these places, sharing our stories of loss and despair, and making acts of beauty there, we transform the land, reconnect people and the places that nourish them, and empower ourselves to make a difference in the way we live on Earth.

As Jan Shannon of Portland, Oregon says in this video, the Global Earth Exchange "is kind of a way of giving back for all the amazing gifts these places have given us."    
Jan Shannon & Suzan Hill Answer: Why Make Beauty for a Wounded Place?  
To see where people are joining the Global Earth Exchange check out our world map .
GEx map  
Prayer flags at Superfund site
Liz Gold and Debbie Dennison with their gift of beauty for a Superfund Site, Espanola, New Mexico, Global Earth Exchange 2011
Join people around the world to bring joy, attention, and beauty to a wounded place! 

The Global Earth Exchange is the day when people all over the world go to wounded places where they live and that they love.

There are 5 steps to an Earth Exchange:

1. Go with friends (or on your own) to a wounded place.
2. Share your stories of what the place means to you.
3. Get to know the place as it is now.
4. Make a bird of materials you find on site (twigs, stones, sand, trash).
5. Take a picture of your bird, your place, and your group and send it to us.

People often say that after they've done this simple practice, they end up falling in love with the most unlikely places!

to do an Earth Exchange
or find one near you!


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