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May 14, 2014

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 A Gift for a Sick Friend
Drumming for the Gulf
Rusty, Mike, and Cynthia drumming for the Gulf, Navarre Beach, Florida, Global Earth Exchange 2010. Photo by Mike Beck

When you give a gift to a place you have no idea how far it will reach, how it will be received, who will notice, whom it will touch.


For the first Global Earth Exchange in June 2010 Mike Beck, Rusty Gasparian, and Cynthia Galante made their way before dawn to Navarre Beach on the Florida Panhandle, where the first globs of BP oil were just beginning to float up onto the white crystalline beaches. Each person had brought a drum, and as the sun rose, they drummed in the new day in an endangered place.


Later Mike wrote: "While we were finishing drumming and getting ready to find flotsam and jetsam for our act of beauty, [a middle-aged couple walked by]. The man asked, 'Does your band practice early mornings at the beach often?'

Cynthia just looked at him smiling and said, 'Oh no, we're not a band! We just came to be with a sick friend.' There was a momentary pause, a silence with only the gently cresting waves falling on the shore before the man said in a kindly voice, 'Thank you for doing this.' "


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