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March 19, 2014
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In Bali "The Forest Weeps"
"The Forest Weeps" performance. Photo by Luciana Ferrero

Several years ago, Anak Agung Detra Rangki of Abianbase, Bali transformed a trash dump on a riverbank into a beautiful community garden and performance space, also called Rangki. Agung was an enthusiastic supporter of Radical Joy for Hard Times and made prayers at Rangki each year for the Global Earth Exchange.


Agung died suddenly in January. On March 2, his wife Rucina Ballinger, an American-born dancer, hosted a magical event at the sanctuary that combined sorrow and joy, ecology and art.


Rucina writes: "So last night Rangki was taken over by dancers and musicians crawling up and down trees (one musician was three stories high playing suling and gong!), dancing in the river, taking out beer bottles and plastic (the performance was called "Wana Lara," or "The Forest Weeps," and had an environmental theme), urchins hid in trees, kulkuls were played like never before, Gamelan Bona Alit ended the evening....it was a fitting homage to Gung Tra Rangki AND Mother Earth. And nary a branch was broken, thank you!"


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