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Health and safety news for forestry, mining, paper, printing and converting sectors
June 2015
consult Dan Suess
Top 7 significant changes to
federal WHMIS law
One international system for chemical classification and labelling

Every workplace, not to mention many homes, has hazardous chemicals - often used in the course of the business, whether it be mining, forestry, printing, or manufacturing. WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) is the system in Canada used for classifying and labelling hazardous workplace chemicals ("controlled products"), and this system is being updated to align with the Globally Harmonized System for Classifying...
WSIB heat stress awareness poster
Can't stand the heat? Tips on managing heat stress 

Free resources: Download and share safety talk


In 2001, a bakery worker in Barrie died of heat stress during a heat wave. The outdoor temperature that day was 34 C, and the temperature inside the bakery was 46 C. Lack of water and not enough rest breaks were blamed.  In 2002 in the United States... 


Cover of 'Guide to Consultations'
Have your say on labour and employment laws 

Ministry of Labour reviews changing nature of workplaces  


Led by special advisors, consultations will cover a range of topics including: increase in temporary jobs, part-time work, and self-employment; rising prominence of service sector jobs; effects of globalization and trade liberalization; and accelerating...


Video screenshot
Video: High voltage powerlines

Real life incident re-enacted in Electrical Safety Authority video 


High voltage powerlines are unforgiving and lethal. The video re-enacts a powerline incident on a job site with a precisely built 1:6 scale model. The camera moves through a scene involving several workers frozen in the moment that a dump truck runs into an...


Group of newsprint workers holding gold flag Kapuskasing newsprint mill wins safety award

Team receives gold flag


On May 11, the Kapuskasing newsprint mill received a safety award from the corporate director of health and safety at Tembec.  Awarded to business groups that meet or exceed safety objectives over eight consecutive quarters, the Kapuskasing...

Archival photo of two men sawing down tree
From the archives: 'The felling of a Red Pine tree under difficult circumstances'
Safety centennial Sept 24-25 in Thunder Bay
This archival photo circa 1920-30 from Workplace Safety North is titled 'The felling of a Red Pine tree under difficult circumstances.' Normally the stump would be cut lower. You'll note the sawyers... 
Mike Parent at Workplace Safety North
New director announced for Ontario mining sector
Former paramedic, miner appointed

Effective May 2015, Workplace Safety North (WSN) announces the appointment of Mike Parent as the new director of occupational health and safety (OHS) for the Ontario mining sector. Born and raised in Iroquois Falls, Parent undertook paramedic training...
Mine rescue volunteer adjusts breathing apparatus
Provincial competition countdown underway
Mine rescue teams in Thunder Bay from June 11-12


Seven district champions in the team and technician categories were selected in five mine rescue events across the province this month to go on to compete in the 65th Provincial Mine Rescue Competition June 11 and 12 at Fort William Gardens in Thunder...


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