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Health and safety news for forestry, mining, paper, printing and converting sectors
January 2015
Worker with fall arrest harness

What's new and changing with Ontario health and safety in 2015

Plus: 2014 Year in Review - a look back at most popular stories

There have been many changes in occupational health and safety in Ontario over the last few years, from the new mandatory basic awareness training, to the upcoming new training standards for working at heights and Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC). Here's a review of upcoming changes, as well as the most popular health and safety stories...
Mine rescue at heights training

Working at Heights safety training mandatory in 2015 under Construction Projects Regulation

Legislation effective April 1 in Ontario

Falls from heights continue to be a significant hazard, leading to injuries and deaths of workers in all sectors - particularly with construction activity. To improve workplace health and safety... 


Forestry workers circa 1900
Taming the deadliest professions in Ontario

1915-2015: 100 years of health and safety in Ontario's forestry, and pulp and paper industries

The history of the forestry, pulp and paper industry in Ontario is older than the province itself. Only the fur trade reaches farther back into the settlement and growth of what was once...

worker with propane cylinder Working Safely with Propane

Legislative requirement to re-certify training every three years


During the winter operating season, it's especially important to ensure workers are appropriately trained in how to work safely with propane. This legislated training requirement is recognized by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) and must...  


Hydraulics can fail - even when the power's off
There have been several close call incidents and two fatalities reported in logging operations throughout Ontario. In late fall, a chipper operator and a mechanic narrowly missed being hit by a flying piece of metal. About a week later, a worker and...
Thumbnail of Mining Hazard Alert
Fall of ground near scissor lift in underground mine

What happened? In a recent incident at an Ontario mine, a worker suffered serious head, chest and back injuries when 'loose' fell from the face of a heading. Longer and stronger wall bolts had previously been installed in this heading due to talc conditions...
Thumbnail of PPC Hazard Alert
Worker falls 12 ft. during equipment maintenance
What happened? A maintenance millwright was removing an old piece of equipment and when climbing down from working at a height of approximately 12 feet, he slipped and fell, sustaining significant injuries to his head, neck, and back. At the time of...

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