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Health and safety news for forestry, mining, paper, printing and converting sectors
November 2014
worker and machine safety
What to expect for machine guarding safety inspection blitz 
New 'Safe Use of Machinery' training available 

Inadequate machine guarding along with faulty or sidestepped lockout procedures are among the most dangerous hazards faced by workers in industrial workplaces such as forestry, paper, printing and converting sectors. These machinery-related hazards are typically among the top causes of major injuries in these workplaces. That's why the Ministry of Labour (MOL) will be conducting an inspection blitz on machine guarding...
safety meeting training
Winter is coming: What to wear for outdoor work
Avoid cotton and goose down to help prevent hypothermia

In Ontario, working outside during a Canadian winter can leave workers susceptible to illnesses like hypothermia or injuries from frost bite. Hypothermia happens when the body's core temperature drops below what is required for normal metabolism...
2015 Ontario safety group registration due Dec 31

Improve health and safety program, potential WSIB rebate


Applications to join the 2015 Safety Group program are currently being accepted by Ontario health and safety association staff until December 31, 2014. If you're not already a member, you can learn more about the benefits and opportunities of membership...


Video still from 'Safe Use of Machinery'
NEW VIDEO: Safe Use of Machinery 

Machine safety top 10 most frequently issued inspection order


Animated 2-min. video 'Safe Use of Machinery' shows workers what to watch out for, and focuses on three important points: machine guarding, worker training and supervision, and the proper personal protective equipment. Crushed hands and arms...

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Forestry worker with chainsaw Safe chainsaw handling course now available to Ontario volunteer organizations

Snowmobile clubs, volunteer firefighters access training 


Ontario snowmobile club volunteers and other volunteer organizations are invited to access training from Workplace Safety North on how to handle a chainsaw safely. For snowmobile trail...  


Tips for safe winter driving on logging roads
Watch for changing road conditions this time of year

Each year, when temperatures dip and rise in spring and fall and weather conditions change in an instant - from muddy and wet one moment to slippery and icy the next - forestry workers have to be especially careful on isolated access roads. On these quiet...


Mining worker
New and improved mining safety training

Updated Mining Common Core Training for First-line Supervisors 


After a major review of its mining supervisor training programs in 2013, Workplace Safety North (WSN) is pleased to announce a new and improved suite of Mining Supervisor Common Core training programs. With extensive help and input from its...
2013 Ontario mine rescue competition - Kidd
Mining safety report with new heat stress standard released in Ontario

Increasing depths means higher temperatures underground


Mine rescue volunteers are considered elite miners, the best at performing difficult tasks under difficult conditions underground, but they are no less susceptible to the dangers that all workers...


worker with propane cylinder
Training for working safely with propane
Legislation requires re-certification every three years
With the approach of the winter operating season, it's important to ensure workers are appropriately trained in how to work safely with propane. This legislated training requirement is recognized by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) and must be renewed every three years. The half-day training covers... 
young worker
Young worker survey on workplace safety training 


With the increasing use of technology and devices, young workers have access to more resources and information than ever before. However, when it comes to occupational health and safety training, depending on the course material, some methodologies still work better than others. Workplace Safety North (WSN), the...

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