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Health and safety news for forestry, mining, paper, printing and converting sectors
September 2014
Ghost in the machine:
Protect yourself from injury

Safe use of machinery lands in top 10 most frequently issued workplace inspection orders by Ontario Ministry of Labour

Based on a 2012 safety inspection blitz by the Ministry of Labour, machine guarding and lockout was one of the top ten most frequently issued orders in the workplace. Here are some real-life scenarios of machine safety incidents: A worker was oiling a conveyor belt while it was running. The shaft, located in an out-of-the way room, rotated so slowly you could barely... 
Notice of WSN Annual General Meeting and Workplace Excellence Awards Dinner

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Notice is hereby given to all member firms of Workplace Safety North that a general meeting of the members will be held Wednesday, September 17,  at 5:00 pm, followed by... 

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machine safety, lockout, video
VIDEO: Lockout: Control of Energy Hazards

FREE tool for companies to use to help improve their health 

and safety systems

This video is designed to provide information about controlling energy hazards that workers are exposed to when conducting maintenance, repairs, or troubleshooting on typical machines...

Forest fires: Climate change's new normal

Calls for more prescribed burns, to mimic the frequent surface 

fires of the past and clear out fuel

Globe and Mail


Few people know better than Lori Daniels that the pillars of dark smoke rising over the forests of British Columbia this summer are going to increase in both frequency and intensity in the future...

trimsaw, wood dust, forestry health and safety
Workplaces at risk for dust explosion
FAQs about combustible dust, examples of hazardous materials
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety


Dust explosions have occurred in many different types of workplaces and industries, including: woodworking facilities, recycling facilities (e.g. paper, plastics, metals), metal...


Mining rescue
New manager for Ontario Mine Rescue
Mining engineer and former mine rescue captain appointed 

Effective August 11, 2014, Workplace Safety North announced the appointment of Ted Hanley as new transitional general manager for Ontario Mine Rescue. Working closely with current general manager Alex Gryska who plans to retire next summer, Hanley's...
New video: Ministry of Labour underground mine inspection focuses on ground control
Ministry of Labour


An MOL health and safety inspector tours Goldcorp mine in Red Lake, ON, and discusses what he looks for during inspection: engineering plans, underground site visit to rock face, review...

IRMA drafts new standard for responsible mining

Mining industry, labour and environmental groups collaborate  

OHS Canada

The Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) has released the first draft of a new international industry standard, Standard for Responsible Mining Draft v1.0, which tackles...


New JHSC Certification Part Two training program
Updated specifically for printing and converting sector
New standards from the Ministry of Labour (MOL) regarding the training and two-part certification of Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) members are expected to come into effect in 2015. In response to the requirements for these new standards...
Paper demand stacks up
Paper consumption rising despite advance of digital technology 

New technology has led to a drop in consumption of newsprint in the United States and Western Europe. But less than half of the wood pulp produced in 2013 was made into printing, writing and...


Sep 12: Free webinar on MOL industrial material handling inspection blitz - Pre-register 


Sep 17: Annual General Meeting and Workplace Excellence Awards, North Bay - Pre-register


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