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Health and safety news for forestry, mining, paper, printing and converting sectors
May 2014
MOL inspection YouTube video screenshot
A step-by-step guide: What to expect from a ministry visit 
How to prepare for new MOL inspections and initiatives

"Hi, I was just in the neighbourhood and thought I'd drop by."
Of course, it doesn't happen quite like that, but what do you
do when a Ministry of Labour (MOL) inspector comes knocking? Having recently announced the schedule of 
2014-15 health and safety inspection blitzes and regional initiatives for Ontario, this is the perfect time to consider you might expect from a workplace inspection. New this year, the MOL schedule...

MOL Logo
Only 2 months until July 1 training deadline  
Free download: A Guide to OHSA Requirements for 

Basic Awareness Training  


This guide explains the requirements for mandatory basic occupational health and safety awareness training for all workers and supervisors in Ontario. It describes the workplace parties'... 


Sneak peek at working-at-heights training
Northern Ontario health and safety consultants prepare
for new fall prevention training

From March 10 to April 24, the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) held public consultations on a regulatory proposal to make training program standards for working at heights mandatory...
Have your say: Occupational Exposure Limits  

Proposals to amend hazardous substance regulations under OHSA


Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs) restrict the amount and duration of worker exposure to hazardous workplace substances such as asbestos, benzene and lead. Consultation on the annual revised limits recommended by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) is the foundation...


VIDEO: Safe Propane Handling  

Informative 10-min. video can be used in conjunction with formal and on-the-job training


This video reviews all of the necessary procedures to ensure the safe transportation, handling, connection, disconnection and storage of propane. It also explains the importance of being...

forestry sawmill worker and supervisor BC sawmills struggle to comply with dust regulations

Vancouver Sun


A year and a half after a second deadly wood dust-fuelled explosion ripped through a B.C. sawmill killing two workers, a pair of WorkSafeBC inspectors stepped into Sigurdson Forest...  

2014 Mining health and safety conference 
Wrap-up report and photos
As the last of the snow slowly melted along with our memories
of a long, brutal winter, more than 300 delegates from across the province came together to learn and share their knowledge specific to mining health and safety. Those who attended the
worker testing ventilation shaft
Your input needed: May 16 deadline for mining health and safety public consultation
Issues for consideration include: health and safety hazards in the mining sector; training, skills and labour issues; technology and management of change; internal responsibility system; emergency preparedness and mine rescue; and the role of...


Ontario mine health and safety awards
Porcupine Northeastern Ontario Mine Safety Group, Ontario Mining Contractors' Safety Association, and Workplace Safety North recognize mining companies

On March 27, 2014, Porcupine Northeastern Ontario Mines Group (PNOMSG) recognized mine supervisors for the number of safe...
Paper recycling
Ministry of Labour inspection blitz results: Recycling and Waste Management

Worker health and safety is a major concern at industrial workplaces involved in recycling and waste management.

At health care workplaces, worker exposure to waste from hazardous drugs and contaminated waste is also of major...

PPC pulp and paper
Windsor company wins Safest Mill in Canada award
Top safety performers share strategies
Pulp & Paper Canada
No silver bullet exists that can put a poor safety record out of
its misery. Canada's safest mills use a multitude of strategies, including leading indicators, audits, no-name, no-fault reporting and even recruitment testing in their never-ending efforts to.


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