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January 2014
Ministry of Labour calls for action on workplace falls
Ontario Chief Prevention Officer George Gritziotis "extremely distressed by number of workplace fatalities related to falls" 

From childhood onward, every single one of us has fallen at one time or another. Whether it was a tumble from a bicycle or piece of playground equipment, you quickly learned falling down and getting back up was a basic part of life, right? The only problem is, according to workplace statistics, some of us don't get back up again. Ever. As a matter of fact, 20 people die each year due to falls in Ontario workplaces, according to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board...
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MOL announces new safety training standard for working at heights 

Standard applies to construction sector, as well as construction activity in other workplaces  


The Ministry of Labour is implementing a new workplace training standard to help prevent falls and improve safety for workers who work at heights. The new Working at Heights Training Program...


WSN launches Erase the Hazard video campaign
Safety video series focuses on top four workplace hazards 

Workplace Safety North is releasing a new collection of educational workplace safety videos that take a fun, quirky approach to 'erasing' perennial workplace hazards.

Developed in consultation with field staff, the short animated video series offer tips for workers and employers on preventing...

Health and safety: Year in review

WSN launches new annual print magazine Every Worker 2014 Health and Safety Annual


Did you miss anything? Take a walk down workplace health and safety memory lane. Here's a look back at some of the interesting and important information and events that unfolded over the course of the past year. Click through the links to see if there's...


It's Your Job: MOL video contest runs to Mar 28
Contest open to Ontario secondary school students 

Know any high school students or teachers? Let them know about this contest. It encourages young people to use their creativity to develop an original video that can be used in social media to illustrate the importance of working safely on the job. Contestants can submit videos until the contest closes on March 28, 2014...

Erase the Hazard - Falls  

Every year in Ontario, 80 workers are injured every day due to a fall - that's one every 20 minutes 

Falls can be prevented, but it takes a team - from CEO to worker - that looks out for one another. Join Chalkworker as he and his team work together to eliminate fall hazards at their worksite...

Your opinion matters: Health and safety training survey for new and young workers

WSN Advisory Committee requests member feedback 


In order to keep pace with changes in technology and work environments, Workplace Safety North works diligently to ensure training programs best meet member firms' needs, particularly...  

HAZARD ALERT: Skidder operator has near-miss in chipper danger zone
WSN video excerpt shows dangers around forestry machinery
In autumn 2013, a grapple skidder operator had a close call during a roadside chipping operation when he parked in the chipper danger zone and exited the cab without notifying the chipper operator. Unaware of the presence of the skidder, the...
Special training symposium with Dr. Strahlendorf
Educational PowerPoint and overview of staff surveys included with January 9 session

To help Ontario mines assess and strengthen safety culture, Workplace Safety North (WSN) in partnership with Dr. Peter Strahlendorf is presenting a special one-day Internal Responsibility System (IRS) advanced training initiative on...

MOL mine hoist inspection blitz underway

Free resources: Safety checklist and presentation now available online for mining organizations


In January and February 2014, the Ministry of Labour (MOL) will be conducting a safety inspection blitz on locking and tagging in mine hoist plants. To help mines prepare, Jerry Wedzicha, MOL Provincial Mining Specialist Electrical-Mechanical, and Rick...


Medical association president to speak at mining health and safety conference in Sudbury
Exceptional educational sessions, networking opportunities and keynote speakers

Each year, the annual mining health and safety conference in Sudbury, Ontario, consistently attracts a full house of new and returning attendees. Considered the Ontario mining and health...


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Ontario to conduct mine safety review
Canadian Occupational Safety

The Ontario Ministry of Labour will be conducting a comprehensive review of mines across the province to improve the health and safety for workers. The ministry collaborated with the MINES Committee, the United Steelworkers and the Ontario Mining Association in developing the review process. Thousands of...


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Diesel responsible for 6 per cent of lung cancer deaths, study says
Environmental Health News

An estimated 6 percent of lung cancer deaths in the United States and the United Kingdom - 11,000 deaths per year - may be due to diesel exhaust, according to a new studyEmission standards for diesel engines have become more stringent in recent years, but...


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Industrial sector rings in new year with MOL inspection blitz on construction projects
January 2014: Ministry of Labour inspectors to focus on construction work in active workplaces

In January 2014, Ministry of Labour (MOL) inspectors from both the industrial and the construction program will visit industrial...

Workplace Safety Champions
Canadian scientists win award for research showing link between breast cancer and occupation

It's been called groundbreaking - "the first of its kind" - and recently won a prestigious award from the American Public Health Association (APHA). But for Canadian scientists Dr. James Brophy...

Your opinion matters: Health and safety training survey for new and young workers

WSN Advisory Committee requests member feedback 


In order to keep pace with changes in technology and work environments, Workplace Safety North works diligently to ensure training programs best meet member firms' needs, particularly...   


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